ACrushOnYou_hallmark-channelWhat happens when you get Academy Award nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, Sean Patrick Flannery and Christine Scott Bennett playing sidekicks to Army Wives Brigid Brannagh on a Hallmark Channel original film? You´ll get two hours to enjoy with your family, that´s what you get.

Romance has long been forgotten for an overworked single mom until an unexpected email arrives in “A Crush on You,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere Saturday, June 11 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C).  Brigid Brannagh (“Army Wives”) and Sean Patrick Flanery (“Saw VII 3D”) star alongside Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Michael Clarke Duncan (“The Green Mile”) and Christine Scott Bennett (“How I Met Your Mother“) in the romantic comedy.

In “A Crush on You,” Ben (Flanery),, as he’s known in the virtual world, has a case of “love at first sight” when he sees a beautiful woman in a café and overhears Chloe Andersen (Bennett) giving her email address ( to a friend.  Later that night, Ben courageously breaks the ice by introducing himself to Chloe anonymously via email with this message: “Five Top Reasons Why I’m Your Secret Admirer.”

But, Ben’s display of affection for Chloe is misfiled when his emails are instead delivered to Charley Anderson (Brannagh),  It seems Chloe’s co-worker shares a similar email protocol at Game 1 Sports and Entertainment Marketing owned by the legendary sports star “Big-Jim” Nelson (Duncan).

Charley, an overworked single mom who hit the delete button on romance long ago, now excitedly turns on her computer.  She waits.  Her breath catches.  Then, suddenly the three words Charley’s been waiting for…

“A Crush on You” is a MNG Films Ireland Production in association with Larry Levinson Productions.  Larry Levinson is the executive producer.  Randy Pope and Mary Callery are the co-executive producers.  Brian J. Gordon and Jim Wilberger are the producers.  Allison Anders directed from a script written by Keith Merryman and David Newman.

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