bethenny-frankel-nate-berkusI just posted about Nate Berkus revamping Newark, and now, another article about Nate Berkus Show… Bethenny Frankel, the star frm Bethenny Ever After paid a visit to Nate Berkus Show.

On the Tuesday, April 19th edition of “The Nate Berkus Show” (check your local listings or visit entitled “TAKING RISKS TO GET THE ULTIMATE REWARD”, Nate sits down with Bethenny Ever After star Bethenny Frankel, who reveals how the numerous risks she’s taken in her life, especially when it has come to her career and love-life, have paid off with the sweetest rewards! Plus, Bethenny answers questions from audience members.

Best Quotes from Bethenny Frankel on Nate Berkus Show

On getting what you want in life

Bethenny: “You have to kind of grab your own cojones and make your own decisions by yourself, and decide what you really want in your life, not someone else’s, not what anyone says you are supposed to want, what you want.”

On her opening up in front of cameras

Bethenny: ‘When I do a show, I’m going to do it and give it all. It’s become such a relationship with my fans that I feel a responsibility because I’ve gone there with them and I feel that I owe it to them to be so honest. So I go so much deeper, you see even in this season I go way more deep”

Nate: “Speaking of that, I was surprised you let us into therapy with you…how did you come to that decision?”

Bethenny: “Because you can’t understand why I’m so crazy, unless you understand why I am so crazy. “

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Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Television/ Julie Holder