how-i-met-your-mother-s06e21-hopeless-spoilers-quotesSeason Finale is just around the corner for How I Met Your Mother, and we´ll finally get to see that Guessing Spoiler Alert: Barney and Robin will get married in HIMYM. Well, that´s my guess… many people think it´s Punchee´s wedding… I think it´s something bigger than that and it even involves a time jump.

Well, back to tonight´s episode, called Hopeless, A great night out with Barney´s Dad. Barney attempts to bond with his dad and asks his friends to lie about their lives in order to make his life sound more exciting.

Can´t miss the John Lithgow with hair scene!!!

Michael Trucco guest stars as Robin´s Crush

Best Quotes from How I Met Your Mother S06E21 Hopeless

Kid Barney: The night is going to be Ledengeary

Jerry to Kid Barney: Never stop partying

Jerry: Would you like to go fishing with me and JJ this Sunday morning?
Barney: Uh, let me check with my… personality. No, I wouldn´t do that in a million years

Barney: Guys, do any of you know George Clooney

Barney: Guys, I´m gonna tell him the truth… we are also in a band

The whole conversation about clubs was hilarious!and it ends with “It´s Hopeless” and they go to Hopeless the club.

Crush: A few years ago in a department store, did you embarass the hell out of me?
Robin: Oh, I´m sorry, You must have me confused with a shirt you were wearing that day

Jerry: I said that? To a six year old?

Robin: How is that awesome?
Barney: I finally know what is like to be embarassed by my dad

Robin: You are the worst judge of guys ever. If he is a four. What are you?

Jerry: I just puked on the hood of that police car

Barney: I´m a pretty good magician too

Crush: You know that girl… she´s engaged, so that´s the end of it
Older Ted: It wasn´t the end of it, but more on that later

Barney: I´m going fishing with my dad

Recap of How I Met Your Mother S06E21 Hopeless

Recap by Werewolf BarMitzvah for

We open on Barney’s farewell with his dad, who he thought was his Uncle Jerry, as his dad left for good in 1983. Jerry tells Barney to keep practicing his magic and remember that a magician’s best friend is a drunk audience. He “hides” a button with a picture of the two of them at “Legalize It-Fest 1983” behind little Barney’s ear, “so that I’ll know you won’t forget me.” Jerry’s last words to Barney: “Never stop partying.” Then we move to Barney’s walking out on his dad in 2011.

Barney shows up at Ted’s apartment, upset that his dad called and invited him to go fishing while admitting that his former self was “bad news.” He says he’s too old to be partying like he used to. Barney is upset that his dad is “anti-awesome-etic.” He decides he’s going bring Crazy Jerry back by showing him “the awesomest night of all time.”

He invites his friends to join them, but reveals that he’s made minor improvements to their personalities. Robin is now a “professional Scotch taster.” Lily and Marshall are now in an open marriage, and Marshall is a “gin-swilling, womanizing playwright.” Barney hands Ted a giant pile of topics he should avoid talking about. FInally, Barney declares that Robin is dating Ted, because his dad will encourage him to marry any single woman friend.

Jerry shows up and Barney decides to break the real news: they’re also in a band. As they attempt to decide which club to hit, it devolves into a new take on the “Who’s on Third?” skit.

They finally end up at a club called “Hopeless,” after all their other options were exhausted. There, Robin sees her secret crush, a guy she ran into at a department store once, where she insulted his shirt. As she goes to chat the guy up, Ted interrupts and introduces himself as her boyfriend.

Barney tells his dad he’s disappointed that he isn’t partying the way he’d hoped. He says he wants to hang out with Crazy Jerry. So Jerry decides to take four shots that are sitting on the table.

We next see Crazy Jerry with his tie around his head, dancing around the club. Crazy Jerry then proposes they take the party out to the crazy streets of New York. Marshall and Lily, meanwhile, have decided to challenge each other over how successful they’d each be if they were really in an open marriage. They bet to see who can get five phone numbers first. Regardless of the winner, they’ll have sex in the bathroom.

After Barney and Jerry leave, Robin asks Ted to help her convince her secret crush that they aren’t actually together. She tells him she first met the guy at a store clearance sale and Ted remembers being there — it’s where he bought his red cowboy boots. They were still dating then. He remembers because they had great sex last night. Then he remembers his shirt was covering her face, which must have meant she was picturing the secret crush guy. So, he asks her to confirm that the great sex had nothing to with the boots. When she says, Ted shouts, “Did you hear that, everyone? She said yes!” and says they’re getting married. We see her secret crush leave.

Barney and Jerry are smashed and Barney’s ability to remember the night is getting fuzzy — until they get arrested when Jerry pukes on the hood of a police car. As they’re sitting on the curb in handcuffs, Jerry says, “Too bad your playwright friend isn’t a lawyer.”

Barney still thinks the night has been “awesome.” Jerry then admits he isn’t drunk at all. He’s been faking it all night, using sleight of hand to fake taking the shots and otherwise tricking Barney into thinking all the things he thought were happening were more real than they were. He reminds Barney about what he told him as a kid: That a magician’s best friend is a drunk audience.

Jerry says he thought that if he showed Barney what “never stopping partying” really looks like, he’d learn that he can never do it forever. Barney gets all warm and fuzzy when he realizes Jerry lied to him all night for his own selfish reasons — as a dad would do. Jerry then figures he isn’t going to make it home in time for his fishing trip with his other son, so he and Barney breaking out of their handcuffs and run for it.

Robin is getting congratulated at the bar when she clears up the rest of the conversation, reminding Ted why he bought the red boots in the first place. He was making fun of them when the cute blonde saleslady told him he’d look hot in them. He asked for them in a size 11.

After failing to find a cab to get Jerry home, he decides to force one of his driving students — an elderly woman — to drive him home, which she does very nervously.

Lily won the phone-number race, and she and Marshall had sex in the bathroom. “I won that race,” Marshall says. They all walk home and Lily tells Robin she’s sorry her secret crush guy didn’t work out. Robin says it probably wasn’t meant to be. Jus as Robin walks up her steps, we see the same guy walking down her street. Old Ted tells us that wasn’t the end of their story — but more on that later.

As they drive, and it’s now morning, Barney asks his dad how he became who he is. Barney says he loves his life, but he isn’t sure he likes loving it. Barney worries that he’s too far gone. He tells Barney he has to meet the right girl. He says, “Maybe you’ll meet her tomorrow.” Barney wonders aloud, “Maybe I’ve met her already.”

He then leans back to Barney, who’s sitting in the back seat, and thanks him for taking care of the button he’d tucked behind Barney’s ear in 1983, pulling it out. Barney’s impressed as he watches his dad go into his house and give his other son a kiss when he arrives. Barney decides, “I’m going fishin’ with my dad.”

We next see Barney, JJ and Jerry sitting in a fishing boat in the middle of a lake in complete silence.

Barney takes a deep breath and announces, “This …,” pausing for a while before adding, “… sucks!”

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