nate-berkus-show-newark-revamp-city-blockI´m happy about the Nate Berkus Show coverage I´ve been doing in this site; mainly because it´s a very enjoyable daily show. And now, the nationally syndicated series, The Nate Berkus Show (check local listings), popular designer and host, Nate Berkus and Mayor Cory Booker celebrate the “Power of Color” with the launch of a Newark, New Jersey beautification project that will be revealed in two parts: the first installment will air Thursday, April 28 and a second segment airing in Fall 2011.

In part one of the alliance, Nate and his design team traveled to Newark to renovate the exterior of a home owned by Ramon Roman and his family of seven.  Roman, who lost his job and was struggling to make ends meet, desperately wanted to fix the exterior of his home (where his family has lived since 1988), but financial pressures and bills prevented him from taking on the project.  The Nate Berkus Show helped this struggling family and will reveal their amazing results on a show airing Thursday, April 28.   In this special episode, Nate and the Mayor walk the streets of Newark where they discuss the city’s ongoing transformation and Mayor Booker’s continuing efforts to revitalize downtown.   In addition, Nate will be working closely with the Mayor and two members of a local block association throughout the summer to take on a major restoration project—the transformation of an entire city block and a local park (Homestead Park) which will be unveiled in a special episode airing this fall.

Nate comments: “I was so moved by the beauty of where you’ve chosen to live that we are adopting your entire block, including the park, and we are going to work on it all summer so it’s even more beautiful than it is right now.  We are going to make sure that the outside matches the beauty of the inside.”

Mayor Booker adds: “Before a home is a home it’s really more about spirit than it is about space.  And I got to Newark and I found the spirit of my family; a relentless hope, a determined love, an unyielding faith in what was possible and it was that kind of just stubborn goodness about our city that made me feel I was with my family and at home immediately…it’s a testimony to individuals throughout our community who are taking pride in their neighborhood, or watching after kids on the block, who are taking small steps and I’ve seen it in incredible ways.”

The Nate Berkus Show, cleared in 95% of the country, including all of the NBC owned and operated stations, premiered in national syndication on September 13 (check local listings). Hosted by Nate Berkus, popular design expert, New York Times best-selling author and regular contributor to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” since 2002, the daily series provides take-away information and inspiration to make a real difference in viewers’ daily lives. Nate and his guests discuss lifestyle, entertainment and personal transformation as he tries to help viewers love the lives they live. Sony Pictures Television handles worldwide distribution efforts for the show and advertiser sales, and co-produces the series with Harpo Studios. The show is executive produced by Corin Nelson.

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