barney-stinson-robin-scherbatsky-getting-married-spoiler-himym-how-i-met-your-motherAs we saw on Season Premiere of How I Met Your Mother, a wedding is in the making! But it was not Ted´s wedding to the mother, and it did not feature Rachel Bilson´s Cindy roommate.

But Ted was the Best Man on the wedding. Who would Ted be best man for? Well, that´s easy to say: Marshall and Barney. And since Marshall is already married and happily; the other one left is Barney. But who is Barney getting married to? Well, no other than Robin; his only serious relationship, his only girlfriend.

Is the wedding between Robin and Barney on HIMYM jumping the shark?

According to Michael Ausiello, it’s very early in the planning stages, so anything could happen. The story could be scrapped. On the other hand, all indications are that the nuptials have been approved by the higher-ups at the network.

Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky getting married on HIMYM would eventually be hold off until next season or even not happen at all, and make Ted be someone else´s best man.

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