austin-north-interview-i-didnt-do-it-disney-channelLast week I talked about this Disney Channel show and introduced an interview with one of the stars of the show: Olivia Holt, paired to the premiere.

Now that you all had the chance to watch the show´s launch, we can talk a bit more about it. And for that, I had the chance to interview the other main character: Logan Watson, as we had a chat with Austin North, the young actor who plays him on I Didn´t Do It.

So here, you will have the chance to know what he thinks about a lot of stuff and have some scoop regarding the show. Enjoy!

Austin North interview about Disney Channel´s I Didn´t Do It

austin-north-interview-i-didnt-do-it-disney-channelQ: What can you tell me about Logan Watson and his bond with Lindy?

Austin: They have a funny relationship with each other. They do argue some, but deep down they love each other & you get to see those heart-warming moments sometimes on the show too. They definitely have a competitive side, which keeps life interesting.

Q: The audience first sees the mess you are into, and then, via flashbacks how you got into it. How do you react as a cast when you first get your scripts, knowing what the mess is, and only later knowing how you got into it? Is it similar or different to what we see on the screen?

Austin: I get really excited when the new script gets emailed to us. We get to first see the script that way, then we all have a table read with production & Disney, so that’s when it starts to come to life. After that, we do rehearsals & run-throughs before we film. It’s a fun process to experience and see how each story & episode unfolds.

Q: How could you describe each of Logan´s friends as a character: Jasmine, Delia and Garrett.

Austin: Jasmine is the fashionista & is intelligent. She’s definitely into guys, but doesn’t always have the best luck.
Delia is quirky & random. Her character definitely will keep everyone guessing what she will come up with next.
Garrett is my best guy friend & even though we are as opposite as can be, we have a good time getting ourselves into & out of awkward situations.

Q: What is your favorite episode or scene in the show and what do you think will be the fans favorite?

I really like the sky-diving scene & think the fans will enjoy seeing us fly, but also how we all ended up having to jump from a plane.

Q: You´ve been in Disney for some time now. How does it feel being in the place where magic happens? Did you dream as a child to ever be on Disney shows?

Austin: Yes, I watched Disney all the time, so it’s definitely a dream come true! I wake up most days thinking ‘is this really happening!?’

Q: Do you remember the first time you went to Disney (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom)? What did you think then? Do you go often? Do you enjoy it?

Austin: I went to Disney World when I was young & thought it was amazing! My whole family also loved going to the Disney water parks in Florida. We actually just went to Disneyland for the first time last month & loved the whole experience from the rides, to the characters, to the parade, to the food, to the fireworks!

Q: A final message for your fans?

Austin: I appreciate all the support & try to read every tweet & comment on my social media. All my official links are listed on my new website & would love to connect with every fan. We can’t do what we do without all the support, so please keep it coming!

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Photo Credit: Jared Thomas Kocka Photography