bad-girls-club-reunion-fight-video-perez-hiltonNext Monday´s part 2 (and last) of Bad Girls Club Season 7 reunion special hosted by the one and only Perez Hilton, who by the way is preparing his own show interviewing celebrities for 2012.

I love the photo I put in this article to illustrate, check out Perez´s expression, now that´s unscripted TV at its best!

Remember Bad Girls Club Reunion Part 2 airs Monday 9PM ET on Oxygen.

Now, onto the videos!

Bad Girls Club Reunion Part 2 Preview Teaser Videos

Bad Girls Club Teaser Video: Angie and Priscilla Heat It Up (Fight)

Tiara was shocked when she and Angie fought. Nastasia thinks Angie flip-flopped in the house. Angie doesn’t care how much she loves someone, she’llattack them if they make her mad. Perez asks Tiara if she trusts Angie. Priscilla and Angie start to argue and Priscilla throws a punch at Angie. The girls break out into a cat fight!

Angie and Priscilla Heat It Up por thatsfunny

Bad Girls Club Teaser Video: Tasha´s Homophobic Views

Perez confronts Tasha and Priscilla about their homophobic behavior. The girls deny it but Perez isn’t buying it and rolls a clip of Tasha’s homophobic behavior to back up his argument. Perez says being gay isn’t a choice, he was born gay, the same way Tasha was born trashy!

Tasha’s Homophobic Views por thatsfunny

Bad Girls Club Teaser Video: Judi´s Final Defense

Perez gives Judi a pop quiz on all the guys she hooked up with. Judi can only remember two out of three names. Perez notes that Judi was comfortablehooking up on camera. Judi claims that she was herself on and off the show. While Shelly tells Judi to have more self-respect, Judi thanks Shelly for making Season 7 all about her. Shelly, Tasha and Priscilla gang up on Judi for having no self-respect.

Judi’s Final Defense por thatsfunny

What did you think about these preview teaser videos of Bad Girls Club? Let me know in the comments section, and remember to watch Bad Girls Club Reunion Special Part 2 on Oxygen, Monday 9PM ET.

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