shetland-renewed-bbc-one-cancelledThe murder – mystery drama Shetland has been renewed for a second season by BBC One after a successful first run as a mini series with only two episodes. For the second season, it will come back as a six episode series, in which Douglas Henshall returns as Detective Jimmy Perez to lead the cast ensemble.
This second season, still based upon Ann Cleeves´ Shetland series will take upon adapting the three following books to a two episodes mystery each, telling three storylines for the six episodes, giving a 2×60 minutes resolution each.

The books after which the series is based are Raven Black, Dead Water and Blue Lightning, and each of those will feature a different script writer, making Gaby Chiappe (The Paradise, Vera) responsible for Raven Black, David Kane (Rebus, Field of Blood, This Year´s Love) for Dead Water and Richard Davidson (Silent Witness, EastEnders) for Blue Lightning.

First season, even though it was of only two airings, attracted a combined audience of over 12 million viewers, making it a success, and granting Shetland a second season renewal, and an extension in episodes.
Filming for the sophomore run will star later this year on Shetland and other Scottish locations.

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