springwatch-cancelled-renewed-bbc-oneBBC Two is bringing back Springwatch foe a new series as they announced the renewal of Sprngwatch for three more weeks of special contents featuring Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Martin Hughes-Games following stories of survival in spring and capturing the action on live cameras.

The new series of Springwatch will reveal:

The unfolding drama in the world of animals. Covering the lives of animal families in real time, with specialist cameras and new technology to reveal every angle.
Reports on the strange spring of 2013, and the wildlife issues making the headlines: Some plants are delayed by up to four weeks; migrants like swallows and cuckoos are arriving late; and some animals, like hedgehogs and barn owls, are struggling with a lack of food. Springwatch will look at the impact this remarkable spring has had on wildlife across the UK.
A celebration of the beauty of the UK’s wild places from the stunning Welsh hills, to wild and rugged Lundy Island, and the spectacle of an English orchard in bloom.
New science and new behaviour – Springwatch takes a look at the fascinating behaviour of animals from dolphins hunting salmon in Aberdeen harbour to plunge-diving gannets in ultra-slow motion, and the extraordinary story of long-tailed tits, where relatives come together to raise one nest of chicks.
A chance to meet the UK’s wildlife experts and amateur naturalists, including a man who has captured astonishing moments in the lives of secretive wild boar and a woman who has helped unravel the science of how bumblebees pollinate flowers by sensing electrical fields.

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