ted-robin-love-how-met-mother-spoiler-theoryThis is going to be a spoiler theory about the ending of How I Met Your Mother for next season. Why spoiler? Because I finally molded it after this week´s episode of Something Old S08E23. So if you are yet to see the episode, first go watch it, and then come back here.

My theory has two key elements:

1- Ted ends up with Robin.

2- The Mother is not actually that big a character as she does not even marry Ted ever.

How do I get there? Well, the universe is telling Ted that Robin is the one, she is having doubts about getting married to Barney, and Robin calls for Ted before her wedding and Ted ends up in a train station all alone afterwards. That´s what we already know about it.

But that´s not it… Robin can´t have kids, because she cannot get pregnant as we learned in season premiere following last year´s cliffhanger.

So… if she ends up with Ted, Ted´s kids are not hers, in the biological sense of the word, the kids are either adopted, born from surrogacy or on a previous Ted relationship.

After all, Ted and Barney are bros forever, Robin and Barney will also be “bros” after some healing, and uncle Barney can be the Barney of old.

So, to sum it all up: Ted ends up with Robin because the universe is telling them so, and they are soulmates, and the mother is not an important character to the story, as she will not necessarily be in the kids lives, and that´s why Ted waited this long until they are teenagers to tell them who the mother is, and how he met her. But if you are a fan of the show, don´t be expecting a romance between Ted and the kids mom… expect surrogacy.

What do you think? Is this theory about How I Met Your Mother finale a plausible spoiler? Follow me on Twitter for more spoiler theories on shows.