2_BeeTV ShowPage BeeTV is a great app that enables you to converse about your favorite TV shows with your Facebook and Twitter friends. And today BeeTV is officially announcing the launch of its brand new iPhone app, joining a previously released iPad version.

I had the great opportunity of having the CEO of the company showing me how to operate the app, and telling me where it´s headed.

Think of BeeTV as a TV focused Twitter client. You login with Twitter and tell BeeTV what show you’re watching. The app filters through all the tweets in the Twittersphere and finds all the relevant tweets regarding your show. It also makes it easy to talk about the show with all your friends right in the app. We think this unique approach for BeeTV helps it stand out from the other apps out there, since BeeTV is so much more than just “checking-in” to TV shows. BeeTV also has Facebook integration, which you will see when you go into the app.

The iPhone version joins an upgraded version of their iPad app that has been enhanced and optimized due to feedback from users. One new exciting feature in this version is the ability to login with Twitter (before users could only login with Facebook). Now users can interact with their Twitter friends in the app, while before they could only post tweets about their favorite shows.

But not only that. BeeTV is a great place to meet and greet other fans of your favourite shows. And it´s also a great way to experience television.

Nowadays probably almost nothing happens completely offline, and watching TV is no longer an activity you do on your couch… ok, you may be in your jammies sitting on the couch, but you are there with all your online community sharing and talking about it.

BeeTV helps a lot in diminishing the noise around as it happens on Twitter and you will just know what people is talking about what you are currently watching.

Here: ten reasons to download BeeTV

1- It´s free!

2- It focuses on TV. So you can chat about your favourite show or what you are watching

3- The Algorithm: They are filtering all the noise, and all the “might-sound-like-i´m-talking-about-the-show-but-i´m-not”

4- A month ago they only had iPad version, now they added iPhone version and have an iPod Touch version, so now you can share with many more.

5- They listen: So if you have comments they are welcome. One always wants that

6- It´s easy to use. Very easy.

7- The esthetics. Me likey!

8- Not getting overwhelmed by information: It´s all in there, but not everything on your nose. You can use it in the iPhone or the iPad and have a nice read without forcing your eyes.

9- The recommendations system: It´s easy to use and to recommend my friends to a show. It also tells me what shows I might like.

10- Did I mention it was free?

Download BeeTV from this link.

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