My friends from Syfy Germany visited the FedCon XX 2011 and met the stars from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Star Wars, Alien and many more and were kind enough as to share with me all the videos they´ve done in the original version in english and subs in German.

Some of the things you´ll get to see in these interview videos:

Find out what Garret Wang from Star Trek: Voyager would use a holodeck for and what he regrets most – of course, a woman is involved here.
Lance Henriksen from Alien and talked about the reasons for the success of the movies.
Robert Duncan McNeill thinks Star Trek gives a realistic outlook to the future.
And Stargate star Tony Amendola talked about his first punch into the face of Richard Dean Anderson.

Lance Henriksen interview on FedCon about Alien

Kate Hewlett interview on FedCon about Stargate

Jeremy Bulloch interview on FedCon about Star Wars

Bonnie Piesse interview on FedCon about Star Wars

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