benders-review-ifcYou know when you watch a comedy and the first thing you realize is that it is bizarre? And you ask yourself if that´s a good or a bad thing. You know, like Hitchhiker´s Guide… So, naturally it´s one of those shows you either will love or hate.

Benders follows a team of friends bonded by an irrational obsession with their men’s ice hockey team, The Chubbys.
Paul Rosenberg is the insecure leader whose involvement with the team causes daily havoc for him and his wife Karen. Along for the ride are Paul’s best friends Anthony, the charmer who schemes his way through life; Dicky, the wealthy hedge fund manager whose answer to everything is in his wallet; and Sebalos the slacker on a misguided search for his purpose in life. While their hockey skills may be limited their passion is not, as evidenced by the chaos their devotion to the game creates in their everyday lives.

So far doesn´t sound so bizarre you say? Well… in the pilot, Paul´s grandfather, being tired asks him to kill him. Not in any kind of unplug me way, but in actually murder him. After a while, he agrees to do it, and goes out to find a contract killer, the contract killer says he will put a grenade up poppop´s behind. How does grandpa realize he does not want to die? Because he starts thinking about sex and how having more sex is exactly what he needs to find the meaning of life.

I´ll let you decide if it´s your cup of tea or not. I won´t recommend the show because it is such a hit or miss. Not my cup of tea, but I certainly can see it being successful at IFC… after all, that´s what cable is for.

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