will-wheaton-the-guild-shirt-big-bang-theoryAnother great episode of The Big Bang Theory aired last night, called The Habitation Configuration, in which Wolowitz struggles with moving out of his mother’s house. Meanwhile, Sheldon is caught in the middle of an argument between Amy and Wil Wheaton. And speaking of Will Wheaton, I very much enjoyed seeing his shirt (as the picture in this article illustrates) in which he show his webisode series alongside the uber genial Felicia Day “The Guild”.

And now, let´s review the best moments and quotes from the episode.

Best Moments and Quotes from The Big Bang Theory S06E07 – The Habitation Configuration

The episode starts with Fun With Flags, a fake TV Show from Sheldon Cooper that could be in our list of best Fake TV Shows, but since it´s a webseries, it will be on a different ranking of its own.

Sheldon: Before we start, I´d like to introduce the winner of our design your own flag competition… but I can´t. The only entry was from GamyGamer75, and I know that was a Jpeg of your buttocks. (which reminded me of the Glendale Community College flag)

Amy: This time try to make it the way people sound

Amy: So this time let´s try more real Boy, less Pinochio

Will: You realize that I´m doing this for free, right?
Amy: Yes, and so far we are still not getting our money´s worth

Sheldon: I´ll be right back, feel free to play with yourself

Sheldon: I can´t ask Will Wheaton to go, he is a minor celebrity

Leonard: Look who´s out late like a big boy

Sheldon: Wow, Amy is mad, and Leonard was right… what a weird day

Sheldon: (knock knock) Amy, (knock knock) Amy, (knock knock) Angry Amy

Sheldon: Get ready for 132 hours of I told you so

Howard: If this walls could talk
Leonard: They´d say “Why does he touch himself so much”?

Sheldon: You insulted my woman, I´m here to defend her honor

Amy: Yikes, this guy is worst than Will Wheaton

Sheldon: I don´t know what she is talking about, but I´m obligated to agree with her… she´s my girlfriend

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