Hollywood week is here for a new season of American Idol and as always the drama begins. The contestants get one shot to stand out.

Simon´s confident to find someone great… I´m too… how about you?

147 American Idol contestants an Idol wannabes at the Kodak Theatre for a chance at stardom. And a special mentor in Barry Manilow.

First round is groups of 8 contestants passing each other the microphone to sing whatever they want.

  • Lil Rounds from Memphis with a Whitney Houston version that got her a standong round of applause, some great reviews and a pass to the next round.
  • Dennis Brigham getting a boomer. But he goes down with a fight but ends criticizing Simon´s wardrobe.
  • Kara and Paula said the day started rough.
  • Next, started a group of judges favourites.
  • Nathaniel Marshall crying after getting a good review.
  • Anoop Desai making all the judges smile… he´s good man!
  • Jasmine Murray, the little 16 girl getting nods also.
  • Rose Flack having problems in the rehersalsand breaking down.
  • But what happens to the group of judge´s favourites we mentioned… huh… they all pass.
  • Stephen Fowler nailing a Stevie Wonder song.
  • Jorge Nuñez with a Latin American Idol judge Jon Secada song also getting ahead.
  • Von Smith overdoing the song; borderline silly according to Simon, bur manages to pass.
  • Nick Mitchell… A.K.A. Norman Gentle… making everybody laugh and applaud. Is singing his best career choice or comedy? We´ll see on the next round since he made it.
  • Jackie Tohn rocking voice looking wild and making her stay one more day.
  • Jamar Rogers, California Dreamin´ version making Randy a fan.
  • Danny Gokey, Jamar Rogers BFF with a great version of Kiss from a Rose giving Paula the chills. Both friends get the pass to the next round.
  • Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell goes to the next round as all of her line.
  • Jeremy Michael Sarver getting all the props, but the other father, Jesus Valenzuela goes back to his family.
  • David Osmond gets another shot.
  • Evelyn Wynne Hughes, a former top 5 and a weird song choice that barely made her go through…
  • Casey Carlson fans… she made it through the next round, even though she didn´t appear in the show.

104 contestants go through to Group Day… Tomorrow night “The Infamous American Idol Group Night