Yesterday was Lost The Little Prince on TV, and as always, great quotes and moments from the show.

How about these as the Best Quotes from Lost Season 5 Episode 4 The Little Prince?

  • Jack: Sawyer´s not dead.
    Kate: I know… but he´s gone.
  • Jack: Are you with me?
    Kate: I have always been with you
  • Sawyer: I tell you what now… we are going to the Orchid!
  • Miles: What the hell is that?
    John: Whatever it is, we better stay clear from that.
  • Sawyer: Where´s the rest of the dog… where´s the rest of our people?
  • Sawyer: Who came in these? Other others?
  • Sawyer: Time travel´s a bitch.
  • Sawyer: I was close enough to touch her…
  • Danielle: Hello Jin, I´m Danielle… Danielle Rousseau.