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Jin is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, how this will change the plot is still to be determined… but it´s surely a big thing.

lost-jinKwon Jin-Soo (Korean name: Hangul: ???, Hanja: ???) is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Jin is the only survivor to not speak the native language within the group – English. This caused a constant language barrier but after Sun revealed she spoke English to the group, he began to overcome this struggle and has managed to pick up disconnected words and phrases. Jin was aboard the Kahana when a C-4 explosion destroyed it, but was later found unconscious on a piece of flotsam.

After crashing on the Island, Jin decided to isolate his wife and himself from the rest of the survivors. During their first encounter with rain on the Island, Jin pushed another survivor away from the debris he and Sun were hiding under, preferring to be alone. (“Pilot, Part 1”)

Despite that, he caught fish and offered it to several of the survivors. Hurley declined in laughter, saying he was starving, but not hungry enough to eat that. Claire, on the other hand, agreed. After she swallowed, she suddenly felt her baby kicking, the first sign since the crash that it was alive. (“Pilot, Part 2”)

As the water supply ran low, Jin traded some fish he caught for Sawyer’s last water bottles for Sun to drink. Initially Kate and Sayid assumed Jin stole the water bottles, but through crude sign language Jin explained they got the water from Sawyer. (“White Rabbit”)

During the first week, Michael found a Rolex watch and put it on because his old watch broke. Jin noticed this and attacked Michael over it. Sayid and Sawyer intervened, and handcuffed him to a large part of the debris. After Sun explained to Michael (revealing her secret that she could speak English) that the watch belonged to her father, and him wearing it was against Jin’s honor, Michael used the ax to free Jin from his capture. Later that night, Jin and Sun moved to the caves. (“House of the Rising Sun”)

On the day of the cave-in, Sun told Jin to have Jack look at his wrist because the remains of the handcuffs were causing a rash. Jin shrugged her off and told her to cover herself as she looked indecent. After Jack was trapped during the cave-in, Jin helped the other survivors to rescue him. (“The Moth”)

When Shannon had an asthma attack, Sun and Michael attempted to find an herbal solution to help her. Jin noticed this and yelled at Sun for interacting with the other survivors, but Michael stood his ground and told Jin to back off, which he did. (“Confidence Man”)

A few days later, Hurley began to feel ill as a result of not eating enough protein. He asked Jin to teach him how to fish, but the communication barrier caused Hurley to give up trying to get Jin to help him. While trying to fish, Hurley stepped on a sea urchin, and begged Jin to urinate on his foot, but Jin refused. That afternoon, Jin brought a demoralized Hurley an already cleaned fish as a gift. Hurley thanked him, and Jin walked away content. (“Hearts and Minds”)

After Locke and Boone brought Claire back to camp after finding her confused in the jungle, things began to tense up a little because the survivors are afraid Ethan might return. Jin continued to fish daily, and one day Charlie ran into him in the jungle. Charlie told him there were safety in numbers and that they should stick together. Jin quieted Charlie because he heard something. A rock, thrown by Ethan, hit Jin on the head and he collapsed. Jin was brought back to the caves, and Sun attended to his head wounds. Jin blamed the other survivors for the incident, and complained that they were putting Sun and himself in danger. (“Homecoming”)

As Sun became more comfortable with living on the Island, she put on a bikini and went down to the beach. Jin noticed this and covered her up with a towel, yelling at her for being indecent. Michael intervened in this fight on Sun’s side, and later that night the raft that Michael was building was set on fire, and everyone suspected Jin did it in retaliation for Michael trying to interfere in his marriage. Sun discovered Jin had burned his hands and could not believe what Jin had done. Sawyer attacked Jin in the jungle and brought him back to camp for Michael to question him. Michael demanded Sun translate, but she played dumb. He began to beat Jin, but Sun yelled, in English, for him to stop. Everyone, especially Jin, was shocked that Sun could speak English. Jin even seemed hurt at her betrayal. Sun explained Jin did not burn the raft, and everyone believed her and left. Later, Jin brought Michael wood to build a new raft as amends. (“…In Translation”)

Michael, Sawyer, and Jin became the main builders of the second raft. Jin’s inability to communicate caused some heated arguments, but overall they remained productive. (“Numbers”) After awhile however, Jin became annoyed with Michael, and often yelled at him during the building of the raft. (“Deus Ex Machina”)

When Claire went into labor in the woods, Kate asked Jin to get Jack to help deliver the baby. When Jin arrived at the caves, he told Sun what was going on, but because Jack was tending to a dying Boone he could not go help Claire. Instead Jack told Jin and Charlie to tell Kate she must deliver the baby. After Kate delivered the baby, Charlie and Jin celebrate a few feet away. (“Do No Harm”)

Sun confronted Jin about ignoring her, and asked him if he would be going with Michael when the raft sailed. To Sun’s dismay, Jin said he would. Sun then attempted to poison Jin’s water so he would be too sick to leave with Michael; however, her plan backfired and Michael was accidentally poisoned when the water bottles got mixed up. Michael recovered and Jack revealed to Sun that he knew she was the one who poisoned the water. He promised not to tell anyone because there was no reason they need to know. What Jack didn’t know was that it was Kate who gave Sun the idea in a secret attempt to get a place on the raft. (“Born to Run”)

After the raft was completed, Jin joined Michael, Sawyer and Walt in their search to find rescue, though not before reconciling with Sun. Sun even made Jin a notebook with words he would need to communicate with the other three on their journey with words such as ‘starboard’ and ‘port’. (“Exodus, Part 1”)

Out at sea, Jin was present when the Others attacked the raft and kidnapped Walt, falling into the ocean as the raft was blown up by a Molotov cocktail. (“Exodus, Part 2”)

After the raft was destroyed, Jin could be heard screaming for the other two, but later when Sawyer and Michael grabbed onto pieces of the raft’s wreckage, Jin was nowhere to be seen. On the Northern side of the Island, Jin washed ashore unconscious. The next time Sawyer and Michael saw him was when they arrived on the beach that the Tailies were living on, and Jin runs to them yelling “Others.” (“Adrift”)

Mr. Eko knocked Jin and Sawyer out, and the three middle section survivors were put in Ana Lucia’s tiger pit. When Eko threw Ana Lucia in to trick them, she stole their gun, and pointed it at them. Eko pulled Ana Lucia out of the pit, and the three survivors were left alone without a plan of escape. (“Orientation”)

After a day or so, Ana Lucia let Michael and Jin out of the pit to talk to them and gather whether they were truly survivors of Flight 815 or not. The Tailies believed Michael and Jin, and they, along with Sawyer, were taken to the Arrow, which was where the Tailies had been living. They were given food, and while the two groups ate on separate sides of the room, they were accepted as allies. (“Everybody Hates Hugo”)
Jin, Michael, Sawyer and the survivors of the tail section decided to trek back to the safer side of the Island. Before they left they gathered food, with Jin distinguishing himself with his fishing abilities yet again. Libby ran in saying that Michael had left. Jin figured he had gone to find Walt alone, and Jin and Eko set off after Michael while the remaining survivors headed for the camp.

When the two heard something, Jin and Eko stopped walking and when Jin started again Eko told him to stop. Jin heard rustling and, thinking it was Michael, went to investigate. A boar ran out and knocked him down a hill. Jin stopped near a dead body with a stake sticking out of his chest. Eko told Jin the man was named Goodwin. “Others?” Jin asked and Eko nodded his head. Later, Eko sensed someone coming, and he and Jin hid. Hidden in the bushes, they saw a procession of people go by in almost unearthly silence. They could only see The Others from the thighs down, all barefoot, all muddy, and the last, a child, was carrying a brown teddy bear on a cord. When Eko went back to find Michael’s trail, Jin actually found Michael yelling his son’s name. Eko appeared and tried to convince Michael to go back with them, but Michael wouldn’t do it. Jin told Michael that he would find Walt but should go with them now. (“…And Found”)

When Jin, Michael, and Eko reunited with the other group trekking to the fuselage section’s beach, Jin began to worry about Sawyer, who could barely walk. Jin demanded that Sawyer get water, and that the Tailies help carry him. Approaching the beach, they ran into Shannon, but Ana Lucia mistook her for an Other, and shot her to Michael and Jin’s shock. (“Abandoned”)
After shooting Shannon, Ana Lucia panicked and made Sayid, who was with Shannon, a prisoner. Eventually Ana Lucia let Eko take Sawyer to Jack, and later let Jin, Libby and Bernard go as well. Together, they made their way back to the main camp, and, after several days trekking, Jin was reunited with his wife. (“Collision”)

After reuniting, Jin and Sun seemed content to be back together. Later that day, Locke used some bolt cutters in the Swan to cut off the handcuff Jin had been wearing since his fight with Michael over the Rolex watch. (“What Kate Did”)

Some time later, Michael left to find Walt. Though Jin wished to help his friend, Sun convinced him to stay, saying she would not be able to handle the stress of worrying for him all over again. (“The Hunting Party”)

Soon after, it became Jin’s turn to worry about Sun, as she was attacked in her garden. Jin demanded a gun from Jack to protect his wife, but Jack refused. In the end Sawyer stole all the guns in a ‘long con’. (“The Long Con”)

Sun continued to work in her garden, and when she refused to abandon it when Jin asked her to, Jin destroyed the garden in anger. Later, Jin tried to apologize for his previous actions by replanting whatever he could salvage, and Sun told Jin she was pregnant. This revelation appeared to bind the two together once more, as a baby would “change everything.” (“The Whole Truth”)

Surprised by a seemingly random supply drop, Jin, Sun and many other survivors immediately tried to claim as much as they could for themselves. Later that day, Hurley tackled Sawyer after the latter made fun of the former. Sun convinced an amused Jin to break up the fight, which he did. (“Dave”)

When Bernard attempted to build an SOS sign, Jin was at first eager to help. However, when Bernard told Jin that his method was all wrong in a heavily patronizing way, Jin left Bernard to do it all himself. (“S.O.S.”)

With their relationship now more stable, Jin and Sun accompanied Sayid on his mission to the other side of the Island in Desmond’s boat. Along with seeing the statue, Jin and Sun were also aboard the ship when the discharge occurred. (“Live Together, Die Alone”)

After waiting over a day on the sailboat for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer to return to them, Jin sparked an argument with Sun about whether to go back to camp or not. Sun’s defiance reawakened the issues between the two. While Sun believed Jin does not understand them, she betrayed him by not telling him about Sayid’s plan. After Jin revealed to Sun and Sayid that his English is much better than they thought it was, Sayid handed him a gun, informing him about his plan. As Jin and Sayid wait at the Pala Ferry to try to ambush the Others, they hear gunfire from the boat, where Sun was hiding. Running over, a shooting fight arises between the two survivors and the Others. Jin dives into the sea and finds Sun, who had managed to escape the Others by jumping into the ocean. Together once more, the couple decides they need to go back to the camp with Sayid. (“The Glass Ballerina”)

Several days after their return to camp, Jin quarreled with Sun over her attempts to teach him English. He went with Hurley in the jungle, and helped him fix the DHARMA van. During this time, Sawyer, who returned to camp with Kate, taught him some English phrases relating to women. (“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”)
The next day, after the survivors found a ping pong table in the jungle, Sawyer suggested to play a match, and if he wins, he will get his stash back. Jin came up with an idea, that if Sawyer loses, he will have to give up his nicknames for a whole week. Eventually, Sawyer lost, and had to keep his promise. (“Enter 77”)

When Claire came up with an idea that might get them rescued, Jin and Sun helped her with trapping a seagull, as part of her plan to contact the outside world. Their try failed when Desmond interrupted, and shot several shots in the air, claiming he was trying to hunt a boar. (“Par Avion”)

Jin accompanied Hurley and Sawyer in their search for Paulo, after Nikki’s sudden death. He found Paulo’s body in the jungle, suggested that the Monster was responsible for the deaths, and helped Sawyer and Hurley bring his body back to camp. Jin attended their funeral with Sun. (“Exposé”)

He also accompanied Desmond, Charlie, and Hurley on a “camping trip” following a vision of Desmond’s into the jungle during which they discovered Naomi. (“Catch-22”)
When Mikhail unexpectedly showed up after Hurley fired the flare, Jin chased him into the jungle and fought hand-to-hand with the mysterious Other to subdue him. Later, when Desmond let Mikhail leave after treating the parachutist, Jin once again chased after him. He had discovered that Mikhail had taken the satellite phone, which the group then recovered from him. (“D.O.C.”)

Back at the beach, Jin, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond all attempted to maintain the secret of Naomi. Jin was also present when Sayid made his speech regarding Naomi and his distrust of Jack and Juliet. When the group listened to Juliet’s recorded message to Ben, Jin did not understand the words, but realized that Juliet was talking about Sun. (“The Brig”) (“The Man Behind the Curtain”)

The next day, while he and Sun were helping wire the tents on the beach to explode (as part of Jack’s plan to ambush the Others), he asked Sun what happened between her and Juliet. Rather than tell him the whole truth about her pregnancy and the jeopardy in which it put her, Sun simply told him that she saw their child on ultrasound and that it was healthy. Jin was overjoyed by the news.

Later that day, as the group was preparing to leave camp and follow Danielle to the radio tower, Jin, Sayid, and Bernard were chosen to stay behind and detonate the dynamite planted in the tents when the Others’ raiding party were to arrive. Because there was not enough time to finish wiring the tents as planned, the three of them were instructed to set off the dynamite by shooting it from far away. (“Greatest Hits”)

Of the three, only Jin failed to shoot the dynamite, and as a result was captured by Tom and Pryce. When contacted by Ben, the capturers were told to kill Jin to encourage Bernard and Sayid to start talking. Though Jin bravely told Bernard “No talk,” Bernard revealed everything about their plan, and Jin’s life was spared. Jack initially thought Jin had died when he heard three bullets over the radio while talking to Ben, however this was a prearranged plan by Ben to shoot three bullets into the sand instead. Eventually Hurley arrived in the DHARMA van, running over Pryce and scattering Tom and Jason, which led to the end of the hostage situation. (“Through the Looking Glass”)

Jin was present at the beach when Desmond returned to inform them of Charlie’s death, and his final warning. Jin and the others at the beach set out to meet up with Jack and the others in the jungle. He happily reunited with Sun at the cockpit. Jin sided with Jack during the rift between the survivors. (“The Beginning of the End”)

Two days later, he was still on the beach, looking at a map of New York with Sun. They were debating on where to live, and he told her that he is learning English so that they can live together in America; Sun, however, told him that she wanted to return to Korea. (“Eggtown”)

After Desmond and Sayid left on the helicopter, Jin continued practicing his English with the other survivors, telling Jack that he was learning from both Sun and Sawyer, though he admitted that “Sun is better.” Sun, meanwhile, confronted Daniel about the intentions of the people from the freighter, and when Sun decided not to trust them and set out for Locke’s camp, Jin declared “Where Sun go, I go.” In a last-ditch effort to stop them so that Sun would still have a chance to leave the Island, Juliet told Jin about Sun’s affair. After refusing to confront Sun to talk about it, Jin went fishing on the outrigger with Bernard, who talked about the pressures of life on the Island with a wife, telling Jin about Rose’s cancer, her desire to stay on the Island, and her reasons for staying on the beach anyway. Reminded of his own renewed love for his wife, Jin returned to Sun that night and forgave her, saying he understood, given the man he used to be. (“Ji Yeon”)

A day later, Jin and Sun responds to Bernard’s calls for help when a dead body washes ashore. The body is revealed to be that of Ray’s, the freighter doctor. (“The Shape of Things to Come”)

Jin along with Sun, Charlotte and Daniel agree to travel to The Staff station to collect medical supplies, when Jack who needs emergency surgery to remove his infected appendix. When they reach the station, Daniel gallantly offers to enter first to make sure that there isn’t any danger. Jin remarks to Sun in Korean that he wonders if Charlotte knows that Daniel likes her, to which Sun replies “she’s a woman, she knows.” After gathering the supplies, the group return to the beach where Jin confronts Charlotte. He reveals that he knows that she can speak Korean, as he noticed her listening to several conversations he and Sun were having. Though initially denying this, Charlotte finally caves after Jin threatens Daniel. Charlotte speaks to Jin in Korean, and asks him what he wants. He instructs her to make sure that Sun is on the helicopter when it leaves the island. She agrees to his proposal. (“Something Nice Back Home”)

When Sayid returns on the boat, Jin and Sun are the first to board. While Sayid continues into the jungle, Daniel ferries Jin, Sun, and three other redshirts to the Kahana. On arriving, they meet Michael. During a conversation, Jin reveals to Michael that he is speaking better English. After a call from Desmond, the three rush into the communications room to discover it’s loaded with explosives. Sun walks back out onto the deck in shock. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

Jin helped Desmond and Michael attempt to render the C4 harmless by freezing the battery and trying to find the right wires to cut. When they realized an explosion was imminent, Michael was left to keep the battery frozen as long as possible. Jin returned to the deck of the Kahana, only to see the helicopter taking off with his wife, the other members of the Oceanic 6, Desmond, and Frank. He waved frantically for them to return for him, but neither his shouts nor Sun’s were enough. The C4 exploded seconds later, taking half the ship with it. In the instant before the Kahana exploded, no one appeared to be standing on the part of the deck where Jin had been a few moments earlier, but the helicopter didn’t descend to check for survivors after the explosion. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3”)

Jin’s unconscious body, within “the radius” of the island, floated on the ocean for several days, and jumped through time several times, before being discovered by Danielle Rousseau’s science expedition team in 1988, who had been shipwrecked by a storm. Upon waking up on the beach, Jin was questioned by Montand, though his disoriented answers frustrated the Frenchman. Rousseau was eventually able to coax Jin into revealing his name, before revealing her own, leaving a confused Jin to sort out when he was. (“The Little Prince”)

When the Oceanic Six escape the island, including Sun, they believe that Jin is dead. During a press conference, Sun states that Jin died on impact.

Sometime later, she confronts Mr. Paik and tells him that she blames him partially for Jin’s death, along with one other person. (“There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”)

When Sun goes into labor, she calls out for her husband in delirium, refusing to give birth without him. However, she eventually gives birth to Ji Yeon Kwon – the name Jin picked out for his child. After her recovery, Hurley and Sun visit Jin’s grave where Sun introduced her husband to his child, and recalled that she was calling out for him during labor. She then tells him, through tears, that she misses him. (“Ji Yeon”)