Hollywood week is here for a new season of American Idol and as always the drama is here. The contestants get one shot to stand out, but tonight in Group Night… Mayhem ahead of us!

Group round is back… who they choose can either make or break them.

  • Meghan Corchrie joins Casey Carlson in a group to make it work.
  • Tatiana was a major part of this episode… she finds a group late, but soon takes over… yet her teammates are having seconds thoughts.
  • Rose Flack is having trouble with her group because she feels they think the competition is about being cute.
  • Tatiana´s group having personalities clashes.
  • Danny and Jamar group all synergetic working in the hotel room.
  • Tatiana´s having a meltdown and her group is planning a sabotage. So she comes looking for a new group. But drama queen Tatiana leaves and tries her original group back…
  • Team “Compromise” is arguing all over the place.
  • Rose Flack complains about Katrina Darrell (Bikini Girl) who goes to her room and cry.
  • 7 AM on Group day… Hell day
  • The divas try to find out if Katrina is performing or not… she apparently quits, but… bikini girl is back! Drama on the way.
  • Rose Flack: “We are going to be that group who gets up there and it´s a trainwreck… I knew it since I got into this group“.
  • The judges come with news… not so good news to put more pressure: “Forget the words… you´re out“.
  • India Morrison, Justin Williams, Matt Giraud and Kris Allen, “White Chocolate” first group and they make Paula Abdul dance.
  • Norman Gentle keeps going!
  • Alex Walker Starsman and Anne Marie Boskovich from Action Squad get another chance, while Ryan Pinkston and Emily Wynne Hughes finish the journey here.
  • Paula Abdul´s evil eyes and her insult to Simon were the WTF and the only flaws of edition.
  • Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers, the BFF´s group going a capella with Queen Somebody to Love. The all go to the next round and make themselves candidates to win it all (Include Taylor Vaifanua there).
  • Also going to the next round Jeremy Michael Sarver, Adam Lambert, Matt Breitzke, Jesse Langseth.
  • The divas take the stage but only Jasmine Murray passes. Rose Flack said she hated her group so much, and Katrina Darrell got an insult from Kara.
  • Tatiana´s team managed to make it. All of them go through… I think I can´t stand another Tatiana crying or laughing image… hopefully she won´t pass next round… she quite annoys me.
  • Team compromise praying for God´s help in their performance… but both Nathaniel Marshall and Kristin Mc Namara make it through leaving Nancy Wilson bitching and crying.
  • Another WTF moment when Kristin Mc Namara sort of invited Simon to dinner…
  • Not seen on the show, but for our favourite girl candidate… Casey Carlson made it another round! Atta girl!

So… what was your favourite American Idol Season 8 Episode 9 Hollywood week, Group Night moment?