Burn-Notice-Season-6-spoilers-desperate-measuresBurn Notice, the show that just got renewed for a thriteen episode seventh season continues this fall with eight all new episodes and the thrilling conclusion of its sixth season. Cable’s most watched series this summer on Thursday nights, averaging over 6 million total viewers, returns on Thursday, November 8 with a two-hour premiere beginning at 9pm/8c. Burn Notice stars Jeffrey Donovan as formerly black-listed spy, Michael Westen, currently working under-the-radar with the CIA on special projects. In the aftermath of the shocking double homicide of Michael’s brother Nate (guest star Seth Peterson) and his enemy Anson (guest star Jere Burns), Michael along with Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse (Coby Bell) actively hunt down the assassin. While searching for the killer in Panama, Michael gets involved with a Panamanian drug lord and becomes stranded in the country. The subsequent episodes lead up to an explosive and surprising two-hour finale that cannot be missed. Also stars Emmy winner Sharon Gless. Notable guest stars for the rest of the season include Patton Oswalt (“Young Adult,” “Ratatouille”) as a notorious smuggler whose unpredictable and volatile nature may cause more harm than good and Sonja Sohn (“The Wire,” “Body of Proof”) as a CIA director who pulls no punches and is committed to protecting her country at all costs.

The new episode of Burn Notice is a two hour long one, called Desperate Measures that airs Thursday November 8 at 9/8 C in which, after finding themselves stranded un Panama, Michael and the team are forced to hijack a plane in order to get home. Before they can leave, however, Michael must first escape the cluthches of a sadistic Panamanian drug-runner. On the second hour, Fiona is surprised by a visit from a smuggler she met in prison, who needs her help bringing down a corrupt Miami detective. Meanwhile, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) teams up with a former adversary in order to turn the tables on a more treacherous foe.

I had the chance to watch this episode in advance, so I am able to tell you something about it to get you psyched about the episode, but as usual, only a teensy bit as not to spoil it.
But, since this is a two hour episode, I will talk about the first twenty minutes of the episodes.

Best Quotes and Moments from Burn Notice season six midseason premiere Desperate Measures

Michael: When was your last contact with Tom?

Michael: When is your next contact?

Michael: Is there anyone else looking for us in Panama?

Michael: He wasn´t a target, he was my brother

Sam: We don´t execute prisoners

Sam: You know I´m right, he is our play

Sam: Killing him now is a mistake
Michael: Yeah, I know it´s a mistake, one I´d enjoy making

Michael: He´s the reason I´m in trouble. He´s the reason Nate´s dead

Fiona: So that´s our ride. Not eaxctly first class, but better than nothing

Fiona: You run
Jesie: And when the guys with guns see us?
Fiona: You run faster

Jessie: Ok, shady flight 101 is boarding

Fiona: You are such a buzzkill

Michael Westen: They say that whatever doesn´t kill you only makes you stronger… but when it comes to torture devices that´s pretty much never true

And that´s up to the twentieth minute and I cannot go any further as not to spoil the next Burn Notice episode. You can follow me on Twitter for more Burn Notice scoop.