Community - Season 5Community started a new season, season five, bringing back creator Dan Harmon, while losing two main characters (one permanently, in Chevy Chase´s case; one will appear only in some episodes, in the case of Donald Glover). And it has Alison Brie for the full season. So yup, everything´s cool with me, cool, cool, cool.

All in all, it´s a great thing to have this show back, and one step closer to six seasons and a movie.
In the season opener, called Repilot, Jeff returns to Greendale to collect evidence for a lawsuit. Upon hearing news of Jeff’s visit, the Dean organizes a reunion for the study group in hopes that Jeff is back to help save the school.

Best Quotes and Moments from Community Season Five premiere “Repilot”

Jeff Winger Hero-at-law song and jingle was the first “Welcome Back, Dan Harmon, we missed you” moment.

Jeff: Thanks a lot Francis Ford RepoMan.

Alan Connor: Relax Tango, I come in peace.

Jeff: Greendale is a good place with good people

Alan: It turned Jeff WInger into an attorney that thought he could help people.

Jeff: That was it, it was all I had.

Dean: Rhonda why are you earing Jeff Winger´s col… ohhh!

Dean: I´m gonna cry!
Jeff: Please don´t
Dean: Request denied.

Jeff: I know why you are off putting, why are you here?
Abed: The Dean told me about the Save Greendale committee, can I join?
Jeff: Oh God, who else did he call?
Abed: Just me, I called everyone else.

Shirley: What have they done to our home, the table´s buried.

Abed: We can repilot, this could be like Scrubs season 9, a revamp, a do over, Jeff could come back to Greendale as a teacher.
Jeff: I´m not gonna be a teacher, Abed, that´s lame.

Dean: That was his thesis.

Annie: They invented fibromialgia and the cure for fibromialgia.

Jeff: While I´m gone, I want you to think about what I´ve said, as an exercise.

Alan: Classic Winger.
Jeff: I´ve forgot how good I was at being bad.

Jeff: You are an amateur monster, Alan, and you stomped on the grave of a real monster who was willing to stay buried, because real monsters have shame, because they wish that… you are not worth the look, give me your tie.

Shirley: I failed my husband, I failed my kids, I failed Bones.

Abed: We decided to re-enroll in Community

Annie: Chang was faking Changnesia?

Annie: What´s your evil legal nemesis doing here?

Alan: I´m gonna score some blow, my dealer´s a gym teacher here.

Jeff: The commercial was a lie
Troy: You staged a robor fight?
Jeff: Yes, in real life, the robot wins.

Annie: We are putting Greendale on your hands.

Britta: Do we all have to say something?

Pierce: You are in a special place. Crappy all right, but only because it gives crappy people a chance to sort themselves out.

Jeff: Get your crap together, your job is not to hand out degrees. Your job is to make this a toilet that people don´t have to be crazy to care about.
Dean: Stay here and save us.
Jeff: How much money you got?
Dean: I can´t offer you money but I an offer you a job.
Jeff: You´ve just described slavery.
Dean: There´s no budget for school savior, but I could hire you as…
Jeff: Screw you Abed.

Jeff: No matter what, we are going to try to talk Britta into doing something different.

Dean: Once more, more teachery
Jeff: I wanna kill myself.
Dean: Use that.

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