Community - Season 5The Greendale gang is back for season five, and as part of the revamping Scrubs season nine style proposed by Abed, Jeff Winger starts as a teacher at Greendale Community College, so after the Dean Pelton offers Jeff a job as a law teacher, Jeff tries to learn the ropes of being a teacher from fellow professor Buzz Hickey and Abed takes on the daunting task of answering the question “Is Nicholas Cage good or bad?” The episode is called Introduction to Teaching, and brings in actor Jonathan Banks in the role of a mentor to Jeff.

Best Quotes and Moments from Community S5E02 Introduction to Teaching

Annie: Teaching is the most noble profession in the world.

Jeff: I can´t pretend I´m teaching. I´m not Mythbusters.

Abed: There´s a two days college course titled: “Nicholas Cage, is he good or bad?” I always wanted to know. Nicholas Cage is one of the greatest mysteries in pop culture.
Shirley: There´s a course on Nicholas Cage, but if you mention Jesus to your science teacher you get a red warning.
Abed: Well, Jesus wasn´t in seventy movies.

Dean: Look at Mr Smartypants.

Professor Garrity: Your homework is to watch five Nicholas Cage movies by Wednesday, no marathons. Space out your viewings.
Abed: Five movies? That´s it?
Professor Garrity: Be careful Abed Nadir, promise me you will be careful.

Jeff: I didnpt know teachers could cut the lines. I can enjoy this food warm and digusting.

Buzz: Place is a zoo, trick is you have to show these baboons who has the biggest balls.

Jeff: Ok, Dangerous Minds, let´s get into groups and discuss chapter one, and if you are lucky, we might sneak a little Planet Earth. Any questions?
Annie: Just a few
Chang: So, she´s on your class, yo!

Jeff: You are the worst. I wish Troy was in my class instead of you.

Annie: Abed, this is isn´t worth it.

Gareth: How did you do that?
Jeff: Did what?
Gareth: You won an argument with Annie Edison.
Jeff: You don´t argue with Annie. You let her argue with herself until she loses.
Skycap: You can win by not arguing.
Jeff: Yes, skycap, anyone who´s trying to argue already lost, because they pick an argument to lose. I mean, that´s why I never lost a case: prosecutors beat themselves because: here they draw a circle around what they call the truth.

Jeff: Annie don´t cry. You were right, I might enjoy teaching.
Annie: I´m not crying because of you. I got this from professor Hickey.

Professor Garrity: Stand back, give him space.

Abed: I watched enough to find the answers.

Troy: Abed, think of something sane like Holly Hunter or Don Cheadle.

Jeff: An A minus is an A, it just means your teacher doesn´t like you. It´s a faculty secret thing.

Annie: Minuses are made up things
Gareth: Riot!!!

Abed: Prophets, Messiahs and Kung Fu Pandas.

Jeff: You think the students and teachers at Harvard are in each other throats? No, because they are all rich. We all have something in common too. We all suck. We´re all broke, we all just went through an entire week of meatball lunches without even blinking… the teachers here are teachers here because they did something wrong. Same as the students, so get on the same team, because, get this from me. Those here who get to leave, aren´t going anywhere.

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