HitRECord_Pivot_Carousel_793x445He´s a bonafide movie star, and he´s bringing a new show to television, as it´s set to premiere on Pivot (Participant Media’s cable network) January 18, HITRECORD ON TV is an extension of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s popular open-collaborative production company hitRECord. The show’s unique take on the variety show format puts the spotlight on the final product after Gordon-Levitt and his team culls these individual pieces from hundreds of contributors to create short films, live performances, music, animation and more.

”?It’s no coincidence that the theme of the very first episode of “HITRECORD ON TV” is regarding “THE NUMBER ONE” — there’s a first time for everything and you never get a second chance at making a first impression. Through a series of short films, animation, music, conversation (and, of course, more) host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and thousands of contributors from around the world bring you stories of first times, unity and solitude.

And you can watch the full premiere episode here, as part of the anticipation campaign for the show that will then be weekly in Pivot.

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