dexter-s08e02-quotes-spoilers-every-silver-lining-2Another new episode has just finished on Dexter, and if you´ve already watched it you will agree with me that Dr Vogel is a great addition to an already outstanding ensemble of actors and characters. And that opening scene between her and Dexter is priceless and also makes for a very successful directorial debut by Michael C Hall himself. So, now that the episode is over, let´s review the best quotes and moments from it.

BEST QUOTES AND MOMENTS FROM DEXTER S08e02 every silver lining

dexter-s08e02-quotes-spoilers-every-silver-lining-5Dexter: I remember that day. It was like a painting, and I wanted to be the artist.

Harry: He stole this from the crime scene
Dr Vogel: A trophy.

Harry: I´m right about Dexter, right? There´s something wrong about him.

Dr Vogel: You were only ten years old when your father sought my help. I know almost everything about you, Dexter. Not because I´ve heard from your father, but because I helped create you.
Dexter: Create me? You sound like Dr Frankenstein.
Dr Vogel: I don´t know how else to put it.

Dr Vogel: You would eventually become a killer. So we were faced with a little dilemma: What to do with you. It was me who convinced Harry that your urges couldn´t be stopped, but could be focused. Eventually we realized that hunting animals wasn´t going to satiate you, so we decided that you could be taught to kill other kinds of animals: People who truly deserved to die.
Dexter: You are saying that you came up with the Code?
Dr Vogel: Can´t help to think of myself as your spiritual mother. I know we´ve only just met face to face but this is kind of like a reunion.
Dexter: You experimented on me. That´s what mothers do?
Dr Vogel: I developed a framework for your survival. It´s what mothers do.

What an amazing new character they introduced in Dr Vogel, and also Michael C. Hall does not cease to amaze me, such a good actor.

Dr Vogel: I came to care for you Dexter. I still do.
Dexter: Why are you telling me this?
Dr Vogel: I saved your life, and I´m afraid I need to call in a favor.

Dexter: Do you think it´s a threat?
Dr Vogel: A brain in the doorstep? Hardly a love letter.

Dexter: You taught other people the code?
Dr Vogel: No, you are special, but I´ve done some unorthodox treatments… some might call illegal.

Brain Surgeon: You don´t deserve this, but I don´t have a choice.

Harry: She believed in you, in the times when I didn´t have faith in you.

Harry: Maybe Vogel can help you. Dexter: Help me how? Harry: With Deb.

Dexter: Deb said she hates me, that she should have killed me in that trailer instead of LaGuerta.

Harry: All I´m saying is Vogel might open some possibilities. At the very least she is a window to the past. Dexter: I don´t trust Vogel. I don´t think I can.
Harry: All the more reason to keep her close.

Dexter: Another morning another body. Miami bares more corpses than sunburns. I´m thankful, a crime scene might be the only place I can control some of the chaos.

Dexter: I think I´ve got our murder weapon.
Batista: I hope we´ve got a fingerprint.

Dexter: You ever felt guilty about what I was doing?
Dr Vogel: No, all I´ve ever felt was pride.
Dexter: Pride?
Dr Vogel: You are not evil Dexter, you are actually making the world a better place.

Dr Vogel: We´ve became friends.
Dexter: There´s a long way between “we are friends” to “I think my son is a serial killer”.

Debra: We are not breaking, we are just entering.

Dexter: Why don´t I remember you?
Dr Vogel: You never met me in person. Harry forbid me.

Vince: I guess the race is on.

Dexter: Why is is strange that I needed someone to talk to when Harry died?
Dr Vogel: People like you don´t usually seek an emotional connection.

Batista: You want me to be OK with you and Jamie, earn it, man up, take the test.

Quinn: Deb was involved with these guys. Someone is after them.

Dexter: Jesus, Deb.
Deb: I don´t want you around. I thought I made that fucking clear.

Deb: All I know is how my head feels right now.
Dexter: Deb, I´m your brother, you can hate me all you want, but that won´t change the fact that I care.
Deb: I didn´t want to hate you. I wanted the opposite.

Dexter: Deb doesn´t want my help, and Vogel is demanding it.
Dr Vogel: Have you read any of my books?

Dr Vogel: I believe that psychopaths are not a mistake of nature. They are a gift.
Dexter: What kind of gift?
Dr Vogel: Like Alpha Wolfs, who have helped humanity survive long enough to become civilized. An indispensable demographic.
Dexter: You believe that?
Dr Vogel: There´s a lot of mankind that wouldn´t exist without them
Dexter: There´s a lot that does not exist because of them.
Dr Vogel: Every Silver Lining…

Dexter: We are not going to talk about Deb.

Dexter: It´s Deb´s blood? She killed El Sapo?

Masuka: If I would cup a feel now, it wouldn´t be sexual harrassment anymore.

Batista: This place isn´t the same without you.

Quinn: What can you tell me?

Dexter: Is she lying to protect me or protect herself? I can´t tell anymore.

Dexter: Sorry, family emergency. I gotta borrow my sister.

dexter-s08e02-quotes-spoilers-every-silver-lining-6Debra: What Dexter?
Dexter: I know you killed El Sapo.

Dexter: What happened? Talk to me Deb.
Debra: I don´t know what happened, I´m a bit dizzy on it. I was angry, I wanted to get the jewels back, and the next thing I know I´m standing over a dead body.
Dexter: You shot him four times. You don´t remember anything?

Dexter: You could have called me.
Debra: You are the one who gets me into trouble, not out of it.
Dexter: So that´s why you lied to me?
Debra: So all of a sudden we have a problem with lying?

Dexter: We found a gun in El Sapo´s glove compartment. Is it yours?

Debra: You really wanna play the What If game?

Batista: You´ll make an ok sargeant. If not, I´ll just demote your ass.

dexter-s08e02-quotes-spoilers-every-silver-lining-7Dexter: I was wrong all along. You were right.

Dr Vogel: What you are feeling now it´s not because of the killer.
Dexter: I´ve destroyed Deb. She´s gone. You were wrong about me. I´m a mistake.
Dr Vogel: You are exactly what you need to be, Dexter. You are perfect.

I just have to ask myself… Is Dr Vogel the new big bad villain? Is she experimenting with people to have them kill others? Is she a serial killer by proxy? Or is she erally the one who will help Dexter along this path.


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