dexter-s08e02-quotes-spoilers-every-silver-lining-4Dexter´s final season is among us, and as we are entering the final stages of this story that has become a big part of why we watch TV. Being a show that´s making history on television, making the unheard of task of getting better ratings in each of its eight season premieres. And now we are getting to the time when we start to see the final touches of the story unfold.

On Every Silver Lining, the latest episode of Dexter, airing Sunday, July 7th on Showtime, when Miami Metro continues their hunt for the Brain Surgeon, while Dr. Vogel enlists Dexter to do her bidding based on her own personal experience with her previous patients. Debra continues to track down her PI case and has to take matters into her own hands.

The episode was Written by Manny Coto and makes for the Directorial debut of Michael C. Hall. I will only tell you stuff about the first ten minutes of the episode so you don´t find spoilers from Dexter´s Every Silver Lining here, so check back after the episode airs for the complete review.

But for now…

What will happen on Dexter S08E02 Every Silver Lining – Best Quotes and Moments

First, two simple observations. I will surely miss the presentation for this show, it is quite superb, and a good decision that after all these years it has not changed.

Also, These previously on Dexter segments are good, it´s probably one of the shows that best uses them, and it is always entertaining to watch how they edit these pieces.

A flashback starts with a session between Dr Vogel and Dexter´s dad about when he was ten years old. So now we know why she knows about Harry´s Code.

Dexter: I remember that day. It was like a painting, and I wanted to be the artist.

Harry: He stole this from the crime scene
Dr Vogel: A trophy.

Harry: I´m right about Dexter, right? There´s something wrong about him.

Dr Vogel: You were only ten years old when your father sought my help. I know almost everything about you, Dexter. Not because I´ve heard from your father, but because I helped create you.
Dexter: Create me? You sound like Dr Frankenstein.
Dr Vogel: I don´t know how else to put it.

Dr Vogel: You would eventually become a killer. So we were faced with a little dilemma: What to do with you. It was me who convinced Harry that your urges couldn´t be stopped, but could be focused. Eventually we realized that hunting animals wasn´t going to satiate you, so we decided that you could be taught to kill other kinds of animals: People who truly deserved to die.

Dexter: You are saying that you came up with the Code?

Dr Vogel: Can´t help to think of myself as your spiritual mother. I know we´ve only just met face to face but this is kind of like a reunion.

Dexter: You experimented on me. That´s what mothers do?
Dr Vogel: I developed a framework for your survival. It´s what mothers do.

What an amazing new character they introduced in Dr Vogel, and also Michael C. Hall does not cease to amaze me, such a good actor.

Dr Vogel: I came to care for you Dexter. I still do.

Dexter: Why are you telling me this?
Dr Vogel: I saved your life, and I´m afraid I need to call in a favor.

Dexter: Do you think it´s a threat?
Dr Vogel: A brain in the doorstep? Hardly a love letter.

Dexter: You taught other people the code?
Dr Vogel: No, you are special, but I´ve done some unorthodox treatments… some might call illegal.

Aaaaaand scene. An amazing opening scene, such a great dialog and acting in this mano a mano between Dexter and Dr Vogel. But that´s the tenth minute mark on the episode, so I can´t give up anything else.

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