Five Craziest Moments on Animal PlanetAnimal Planet has grown exponentially better in the past few years. And one thing Animal Planet does not lack is its amazing, crazy, frightening, and funny moments. So that is why narrowing down the top five craziest moments is a difficult task. But, we have succeeded.

#5 Turtleman vs. “Mama” Llama

“Call of the Wildman” is one of Animal Planet’s newest shows. What makes the show great is that the “Turtleman” often encounters animals he has never dealt with before. On this job the Turtleman must recover an escaped Llama. When Turtleman squares off, the llama uses his natural defense…spitting right in his eye. The impact knocks Turtleman off his feet!

#4 Whale Wars: Cameraman Hit with Grappling Hook

If I ever see someone swinging a grappling hook, I will get as far away as possible. But for the cast and crew of Whale Wars, they have a different instinct; go towards swinging grappling hooks. It appears to hit the cameraman, knocking him out of their small dinghy. But you’ll have to watch the video yourself.

#3 Jeff Corwin Gets Stung by Stingray, Caught on Camera

I think what puts this on the list is that even though Corwin surrounds himself with dangerous animals, this happens as he is casually walking along the beach. The cameraman is trying to get a long shot, to be used probably as filler footage, and you just see Corwin jump as he is stung. Too entertaining to forget.

 #2 Israel’s “Mermaid”

Last year Animal Planet débuted a “documentary” claiming they had evidence of mermaids. They doubled down this year with a follow-up documentary called “Mermaids: The New Evidence”. In it, one of the videos purports to have been caught by amateurs in Israel, to show an actual mermaid, and to be authentic. Out of the other ones that were shown this is the one that actually looks like it could be real.

#1 Man-Eating Super Croc

This crocodile looks fake. It also may have been responsible for eating villagers, which prompted them to catch this amazing beast. Fortunately, there was no evidence of human remains. Rather than let this go back into the wild it would be great to use this animal as a prank in middle America. Maybe call up one of many Columbus Veterinarians, tell them you found an injured reptile just down the street, and could you bring it in for a look? When they say yes, wheel it in on that large rice cart and allow hilarity to ensue!

Guest Article written by Annette Hazard.