dexter-season-eight-premiere-best-quotes-moments-spoilersDexter has come back. A new season started, the final season for Dexter actually, in an episode called A Beautiful Day, moving a bit forward, as It’s been 6 months since LaGuerta’s murder – and Dexter is still managing life as a dad, brother, and serial killer. Debra now works as a PI for a private firm and Batista has replaced her as Lieutenant. Meanwhile, Miami Metro investigates the murder of a man who has had pieces of his brain removed.

Best Quotes and Moments from Dexter Season Eight Premiere: A Beautiful Day

The previously on Dexter is a perfect sequence to bring us all back to the story in a couple of minutes. So the episode only starts at 5:10. But those five minutes of remembering what happened are a treat.

Then the episode starts with Dexter and Harrison flying a kite, and then him back to work and a scene in off with Dexter talking about what he did on those last six months.

Batista speaks in Laguerta´s Eulogy… and just a brief thing: he is introduced as Lieutenant Batista.
My good Harrison Morgan is big! He has lines now, too.

Batista: How am I supposed to get past of it?

Dexter: She really wanted to be here, but she´s working long hours.

Batista: Mike Anderson´s death made want to get out of all of this. Took Maria´s death to make me get back to it.

Dexter: I haven´t seen her, I haven´t talked to her in two months.

Harry: It´s her choice.

Harry: Dexter, you are the problem, not the solution.

Dexter: I´m the only one who knows what happened, I´m the only one who can help her.

Dexter: Is this how I´m going to find Deb? Dead and alone?

Batista: Ok, that´s weird…
Quinn: It got weirder…

Dexter: People are crazy.

Dexter: Where the hell are you, Deb?

Debra Morgan´s password on her computer is “fucking password”. That was excellent.

Deb: My life is none of your business.

Deb: I don´t wanna talk to you, and I don´t wanna fuckin´see you.

Deb: I shot the wrong person in that trailer.

Harry: You lost control over there, Dexter.

Quinn: I can´t have sex with my lieutenant twenty feet away.

There are a lot of changes: Debra left the precinct and found a new job, Quinn is having sex with Batista´s niece, who still is Harrison´s nanny though.

Masuka: The FBI call her the Psychopath Whisperer. How lucjy are we that she´s in the case?
Dexter: Yes, very lucky.

Batista: I hope you find it in your heart to forgive her.

Masuka: Vogel wants your presence… in the morgue.
Dexter: Great.

Dr Vogel: Serial Killers don´t have enemies. Everybody is a potential victim.

Dexter: Jesus, Harrison look what you did! I´m sorry I yelled.

Dexter: Why the fuck doesn´t anybody answer their fucking phones!

Dexter: We are going for a ride.
Harrison: Ok Daddy.

Debra: Don´t make that fucking face and say “I´m Sorry”.

Debra: What did you do?

Debra: Will you fucking go?

Dexter: I came here to save you.

Dexter: You are lost.
Debra: I am not fucking lost. I know exactly where I am, in some shitty hell, which is exactly where I belong. You… you are lost. All of my life I thought I needed you, that I couldn´t survive without you. It was the fucking other way around. It was the other way around.

Harrison: Where are we Daddy?
Dexter: Lost

A glimpse of El Sapo makes us believe he will appear on future episodes.

Dexter: Debra was right. I´m the one who´s lost.

Dexter: Without her I don´t know who I am anymore.

Dr Vogel: You can´t kill me
Dexter: Why?
Dr Vogel: Because I don´t fit Harry´s code.

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