best-quotes-maggie-lawson-back-gameThis is one of the new fall shows, one with a great cast, starring Psych´s Maggie Lawson and James Caan. And also a show bringing a family comedy mixed with baseball.

The show centers on Terry Gannon (Lawson), a recently divorced single mother who temporarily moves in with her estranged father, a beer-swilling former baseball player (Caan). She reluctantly starts coaching her son’s underdog youth baseball team and is drawn back into the world of sports she vowed to leave behind.

Best Quotes from Back in the Game

Terry Jr: Whatever are you doing out here? You promised you´d never let baseball into your life ever again.

Terry: Sane people argue the call.

Cannon: Kid stinks… “You Stink!”

Lulu: Go ahead, it´s just tequila.
Terry: Thanks, I´m usually a scotch girl.
Lulu: Oh, I got scotch. On the rocks?

Lulu: He´s so gay. Just like his father.

Lulu: You have issues… we are going to be great friends.

Cannon: First of all get that toilet thing out of my face.

Cannon: Did you see that kid throw? He throws like a duck.
Terry: Ducks have no arms.
Cannon: Precisely my point.

Cannon: There was no Internet then.

Danny: You have ridiculously brown eyes.

Danny: That kid is scared of me now. Doesn´t know why, but he is.

Terry: Unlike you, Dick, I played baseball.

Terry: See you on the field, Dick.

Dick: Lot of girls have beauty, but you are not concerned about that. You have character.
Terry: Character?

Dick: Have you seen my car?
Terry: I have. I bet it´s a great hooker magnet.

Terry: The Angles? What a douche!

Terry: The cups you are wearing ae not for drinking.
Twins: Then they should call it something else.

Terry: What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Owen: I like your boobs.
Terry: Thank you Owen.

Back in the Game Quotes – S01E02 – Stay In or Bail Out

Terry: Danny, where´s the alarm?

Danny: It´s on the chair.
Terry: We have a chair?

Terry: I´m gonna find a job.
Cannon: Good, there´s a lot of demand for college drop outs.

Danny: I´m going in.

Cannon: Get down from there buddy. You are already in America.

Cannon: Thanks to coach unemployment.

Terry: I´d rather have bird flu than work for you.
I´d rather have an index finger six feet long that never bends.
I´d rather show you where my tattoo is.

Terry: I know it is one job, but technically, it is a resumee.

Terry: I´m tough and I can talk. Like fat guys and slides. It is a lethal blend, Eric.
Eric: You are also hot.

Terry: It is the more hated people ever: Nazis, car dealers, serial killers. In that order.

Lulu: Everybody hates their job. That is why there are alcohol salesmen.

Cannon: Why are you afraid of the ball hitting you?
Danny: Because when a baseball hits you, it feels like a baseball hit you.

Warden: If you excuse me I have to go execute a guy. Can´t do a perfect day, huh?

Back in the Game Quotes – S01E03 – Play Hard or Go Home

Cannon: Blackhawk is going down.

Terry: Maybe some companionship would be good for him.

Dick: Watching her pack is way hotter than watching Coach Dave.

Terry: I´m gonna sell so much chocolate it´s gonna make you wanna cry like a bitch, bitch.
Dick: That´s dirty talk and I like it.

Terry: If there´s a tanline, she´s shady and ready to party.

Dottie: I like men rough around the edges
Terry: How about hairy around the edges?
Dottie: I can work with that too.

Terry: The entire Internet turned you down.

Terry: Why are you happy, you are never happy?

Cannon: Nothing´s wrong with her lungs, she can hold her breath like a dolphin.

Danny: Every part of that sentence would get me expelled.

Terry: First of all, if there´s an MD next to your name it stands for Massive Douche

Terry: First of all, if there´s an MD next to your name it stands for Massive Douche

Terry: This is your number, Dick!
Dick: I know.

Danny: That´s the good stuff.

Terry: And, right back to disgusting.

Back in the Game Quotes – S01E04 – The Change Up

Terry: You know what´s fun? Digestion.

Terry: Cover me, I´m going in.

Terry: I just want to be home.

Terry: Animals!

Terry: This morning I had to eat cereal from Danny´s frisbee.
Danny: There´s a hole in that frisbee.
Terry: I know.

Cannon: I will never have to do the laundry ever again. That´s what I´m talking about buddy.

Cannon: You can´t take advice on chicks from chicks, it´s like asking a fish how to fish.

Danny: Whatevs Terry

Terry: Nice ass Josh, why don´t you park it on this seat?

Lulu: You are absolutely disgusting, but you´re okay.

Danny: I got smacked back to reality.
Cannon: Universe has a way of doing it.

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