birthday-boys-quotesThe Birthday Boys is a new sketch comedy show featuring sketches that twist real-life moments and cultural touchstones. In the first episode, called Paychecks! nerdy inventors would rather hang out in a souped-up garage than work on the personal computer they developed. Also, a magical automobile cruises to the Land of Pretend.

So, in order for you to get help on deciding wether to watch it or not, here are some of the best quotes and lines from The Birthday Boys on IFC.
Also, have in mind that the show comes from Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad) and Ben Stiller.

Best quotes and lines from The Birthday Boys on IFC

The first sketch spoofs everybody from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs and the best lines there were:

“We were the computer garage gang!”

“Oh, yeah there were some computer things”

“A girl came in once”

“One of ouir biggest breakthroughs was something now people use on their everyday life: The Keyboard”

“The computer? Yeah we finished it no problem, we are computer geniuses. The tennis balls though, they were hanging from strings!”

Then, there were all the other sketches, starting with the introduction of The Land of Pretend and Christian Mischief. But then they were back and forth on the skits, I specially liked the Computer Garage Gang.

“The Thing was an instant success”

“It was never about the Paychecks anyways”

“I don´t care about garages. You put a car in it”

Barnum Leveaux: Hey techies, I love you!

Barnum Leveaux: This year I have “Nothing”

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