best-quotes-tbbt-the-big-bang-theory-scavenger-vortexThe Big Bang Theory continues to shatter all rating numbers possible, and in this seventh season it is very clear why as the episodes are each and every one very funny, and in this case, a new one, called The Scavenger Vortex in which Raj puts together a scavenger hunt that turns into serious, cutthroat competition among the men and women.

Best Quotes from The Big Bang Theory S07E03 – The Scavenger Vortex

Sheldon: That doesn´t qualify as a mystery, we all knew what we were doing.

Amy: That story is more sad than fun.

Sheldon: Sorry, are we really doing this, or we are tricking Koothrapali again like with the dinner party?

Raj: Ok, who´s ready for a Scavenger Hunt?

Sheldon: He´s a born showman

Howard: Do people from Princeton get a head start?
Leonard: It´s not funny.
Sheldon: It actually is. It´s based on the premise that Princeton is not a very good school.
Leonard: Haha.
Sheldon: See, now he gets it.

Raj: See what I did? The first puzzle is a puzzle. How awesome I am; I wish I had a friend like me.

Amy: When you have a puzzle is like you have a thousand friends. She was full of lies like that.

Bernardette: Come on numbnuts, it´s the Comic Book Store.

Bernardette: I´m starting to think she dodged a bullet. The slowest bullet in the world.

Amy: When we first met Penny warned me not to get in a car alone with you.

Howard: I love Neil Diamond
Amy: I love Neil Diamond

Amy: Yes, it´s a real game and not a roast to get to me.

Sheldon: It is a Marathon, not a Sprint.
Penny: People run in marathons.
Sheldon: Not with a bowling ball in their backs.

Penny: Hey Princeton take that, team Community College is in the lead.

Amy: To the Neilmovile.

Leonard: I got it, I got it.
Bernardette: Congratulations, you got it last.

Penny: I can drink a beer underwater.
Sheldon: And I´m sure your parents are very proud.

Leonard: I´m ok with you driving my car, my I´m not ok with you flying my car.

Bernardette: She´s been known to call you something you may use to refer to lady parts… or a kitty… or a willow.

Penny: It´s a bowling alley
Sheldon: Yes, yes, my brain is better than everybody´s.

Leonard: Yup, Penny may be onto something.

Sheldon: I´m not a child, I know the word ninny.

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