Political-Animals-Quotes-Spoilers-PreviewOk, one of the biggest better bets for this summer season comes from USA: Political Animals, and this six episodes miniseries, starring Sigourney Weaver as Elaine Barrish Hammond the Secretaru of State, and a great ensemble of Carla Gugino, Ciaran Hinds, Ellen Burstyn, Sebastia Stan, James Wolk, Brittany Ishibashi, Adrian Pasdar, Roger Bart, Dylan Baker and Dan Futterman.

In the wake of a divorce from her philandering ex-president husband Bud Hammond (Ciarán Hinds), Elaine tries to keep her family together while dealing with crises of the State Department and hungry D.C. journalist Susan Berg (Carla Gugino) who is bent on destroying her.  Giving viewers access into the seemingly perfect world of America’s royal dynasty, POLITICAL ANIMALS uncovers a family that is flawed, vulnerable and human. Fueled by their own ambition, they are entangled in the provocative, nuanced and complex web of politics.

I had the chance to watch the first episode of Political Animals before it airs, courtesy of USA, so now I am going to tell you some of the best quotes from that episode´s first ten minutes. (No spoilers from Political Animals here).

Best Quotes from Political Animals – Episode One

Elaine: One day, one of you will be President of the United States of America. And that day is a day this woman is planning to see.

Elaine: It´s ok Sam, if I wanted to assassinate him I would´ve years ago… in his sleep.

Elaine: I hate campaigning. It´s an Olympic sport on hyopcriting.

Elaine: I hate lying, I hate telling people thing is going you get better when it never will.

Elaine: I want a divorce

Elaine: When the President asks you to serve, you serve.

And we are in the ten minutes line. So, no spoilers from Political Animals. Here´s as far as I get. Will you watch Political Animals premiere on July 15th at 10/9c on USA.

Here´s a Preview Trailer for Political Animals

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