White-Collar-Season-401-premiere-wanted-spoilers-what-happensIt is going to be quite difficult to review the premiere of the new season of White Collar without giving out spoilers, but I´ll try my best.

First of all, I will only talk about the first ten minutes, so you will still need to watch Season Premiere of White Collar Tuesday July 10th 9/8 C on USA for the premiere episode called Wanted, who got Mekhi Phifer as a guest star chasing Neal, and other guest stars as Judith Ivey, Mia Maestro, James Rebhorn and Gregg Henry.

Best Quotes and Moments from White Collar Season Four Premiere

Diane: Neal Caffrey cut his anklet. He´s gone.

Neal: When this is over, I´ll tell you everything.

Peter: Are we done here?
Agent Collins: No, Agent Burke, I´m gonna find Neal Caffrey, and you are gonna help me do it

Neal: Who, Barry? He is harmless. (Yup, Mozzie´s alias is Barry, and that´s as close to a White Collar S4 premiere spoiler you will get!).

Neal: Say yes to dinner tonight

Mozzie: You miss it?
Neal: Of course

Mozzie: Neal Caffrey is an escaped fugitive
Neal: Too bad the FBI won´t forget that

Elizabeth Burke: Do you want me to kick Collins´ ass?

And that´s about it. Ten minutes of season premiere, and that´s as far as I´ll tell you, so as to not give you spoilers from White Collar season four premiere.

What do you think? Will you watch season four premiere of White Collar Wanted, July 10th on USA? Let me know in the comments section. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more White Collar quotes and scoop.