Last week I started doing this posts about best quotes of the week. November first week was the start, and now it´s time to post about this week´s best quotes.

Best Quotes of the Week – November 8th to 15th

How I Met Your Mother Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

The Captain: I like Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville. You´re coming on the boat sometime.

The Captain: You are a good guy Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville.

Past Marshall: Did I stop writing you poems?
Actual Lilly: Yes, but I´m ok with that.

Marshall: Would you still be Ok if I make a lot of money and spend it in spoiling you and the kids?
Lily: We´ll make it work

Ted: Bring it On Princess

Mike & Molly Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Molly: Where do you keep your hair drier
Mike: I don´t have one. I usually shake dry. Like a Labrador.

Mike: Why is it that three times a week people think we are gay?

Mike: I´m not following. Are you happy or are you sad?

Mrs Flinn: Shaking the snake a little too hard?

Mrs Flinn: What time is the Luau, Big Kahuna?

Molly: We can play like we are two highschool kids trying not to get caught.
Mike: I don´t know if I can do that. I always use to play the one highschool kid trying not to get caught.

Castle Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Richard Castle: Why do you need a gun to kidnap your own son? You just put him in the car and tell him you´re going for icecream. What is he doing?

Beckett: Ok, you Stand Back.
Castle: No Way!

The Big C Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Paul: I´m gonna be your cancierge

Cathy: They think a smiley face on an e-mail says it all. It doesn´t. So stop emoticoning and start emoting.

Todd: I don´t trust anyone called the “Bee Man”
Cathy: He´s the go to guy
Todd: He´s got a website that plays “Let it Bee” with the sounds of bees buzzing in the background

Sean: Your own mom cockblocked you!

Todd: I wanted to support you
Cathy: You are drinking gin with me at three in the afternoon. That is support

Cathy: I´m not gonna be the only [patient of yours to die]
Todd: But you´ll be my first
Cathy: Oh! I´m popping your death cherry

Todd: I really like you Cathy
Cathy: In a doctor patient way
Todd: I´m an awful awful person

Cathy: Todd… you have to pick the girl that lives

Paul: It was an hour ago! How come you don´t remember where you put your gun
Marlene: I have Alzheimer´s. I don´t remember where I put my keys half the time.

Marlene: It´s time for me to go. I´m Looney Toons. You are not.

House MD Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Senator Anderson: That´s not a rash
Joe Dugan: Maybe I should call a doctor
Senator Anderson: Maybe you should call an ambulance

Gregory House: Just because my sausage has been filling your bun doesn´t mean you get to decide what flavour of chips I nosh on during the day.
Cuddy: No, I get to do that because I´m your boss.

House: She´s like the internet with breasts… wait… Internet has breasts

Foreman: Knowledge changes things

Taub: Are you a vampire? It´s ok, we are inviting you in.
Martha: But the patient didn´t. I can´t do it

House: I think perky little girl makes him feels old.

Martha: How can we ask our patients to trust us if we are not honest with them?
Taub: How can we ask him to trust us after we tell him he can´t trust us?

Joe Dugan: Medicine is like politics. At the end of the day, all that matters is results.

Joe Dugan: Have you ever consider running for public office? ´Cause I´d love to run against someone like you.

Gregory House: You popped your cherry. Diagnostically speaking. Unfortunately first time always sucks.

Taub: Tonight after work, meet me at the basketball court in the gym.
Foreman: You do realize you are two feet and a half tall?
Taub: And white, and jewish. It will be embarassing. I get why you want to say no.

Martha: You really think I have absolutely  no self esteem!
Gregory Houose: Ethics and Self Esteem. You really are a pain in the ass.

Lisa Cuddy: You two have a combined IQ of over 300!
Gregory House: That´s also true for 5 morons

Wilson: You gotta be honest and face the medical consecuences, or lie and face the personal consecuences
Gregory House: Remind me, what´s so wrong in lying?

Gregory House: She had me when she called you a coward

Dexter Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Dexter (narrating): I feel like I´m dropping off my prom date. Except this is my house and my wife is dead, and I have no idea where Lumen fits in my world, and this is weird. Exactly like my prom.

Dexter: That´s either a saint or the most boring action figure I´ve ever seen.

Dexter: He doesn´t need saint Brigid, he has father Dexter.

Lumen: How did you know it was there?
Dexter: I put it there

Glee Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Will Shuester: All of us are scared by highschool. Next to our parents nothing screws us up more.

The Apprentice Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Ivanka Trump: You don’t want to win because someone else is weaker, you want to win because you’re stronger.

30 Rock Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Jack Donaghy: This is not a conversation

Tracy Jordan: Jenna… a word… specifically the word “Talking”

Steve Austin: Vote Steve Austin… and if you are blind… I AM the wrestler

Liz Lemmon: You are putting one “more” nutjob, yes I said one more, political incorrect, one more nutjob in Congress to advance your career.

Tracy Jordan: Definitely the foreign films. Like the political ones where you think there´ll be no boobies, and “BAM!” boobies.

Jack Donaghy: You know how they make stitches so small? Orphans!

Liz Lemmon: And I believe in Halliburton

Tracy Jordan: It´s like I said in another movie of mine: Compromises are for lesser souls. Die werewolf zombie, die.

Jack Donaghy: Oh! Lesbian Mario Brothers.

Grey´s Anatomy Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Mark Sloan: Grey, you are joined by the hip. What did she tell you?

Dr Avery: I´m a guy. I live there.

Dr Stark: Since hangover is not contagious. You are working today.

Government Officer: It was nice meeting you.
Dr. Teddy Altman: I´d say the same. But you were never here.

Dexter Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Dexter: It´s time to tap into my primal zone.

Quinn: Don´t tell me you feel bad about killing him.
Debra: I don´t, that´s the problem.

Debra: Can´t let her throw me under the bus and drive over me, and the back up a couple of fucking times and drive off.
Dexter: That is still happening. We are preparing the room together.

Quinn: No one, not even Laguerta can deny what a great detective you are.

Dexter: It´s a shame you can only die once.

Dexter: This is who I am.

Debra: What you did, you´d never learn from me. Good luck. You´re gonna need it.

Batista: You´re flesh and blood with me. Like my kid´s sister. Actually better. Because I like you.

Jordan: Tick tick tick. That´s the sound of your life going out.

Dexter: My primal instincts were right.

Lumen: We are gonna take down Jordan Chase?
Dexter: First things first.

The Walking Dead Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Carl Grimes: Mom said you died.

Rick Grimes: I found you, didn´t I?

Rick Grimes: I´m going back

Shane: I chose my words correctly. Douchebag it is.

Andrea: I miss my vibrator
Carol: Me too.

America´s Next Top Model Best Quotes – November 8 to 15

Andre Leon Talley: She could be the next Wanda Sykes, but that´s not high fashion.

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