RIP-cory-monteith-finn-hudson-gleeI am still shocked about the news of the death of Cory Monteith in Vancouver.

And I know it´s late and I´m sad about this, but this is really not the way I want to remember this talented actor, and I am sure the same goes to you, Gleek of the world. So, in order to do a proper yet humble homage to Cory Monteith ad Finn Hudson, let´s see some of his best songs on Glee. You tell me what was your fave one, and let´s remember and honor him about his music, and not just by the sadness of this goodbye.

Best Songs from Finn Hudson – Cory Monteith on Glee – #RIPCory

1- Finn Hudson sings Jessie´s Girl

This is probably my favorite and the one I wanted to start this homage with. From Season 1 Episode 18 “Laryngitis”

2- Finn and Rachel sing together Don´t Stop Believing

3- Don´t Speak
In a very emotional episode of season four.

4- I´ll stand by you
A great song in a great version from season one.

5- We Found Love
A big performance from everybody on season three.

6- Total Eclipse of the Heart

7- Without You

Which is the song you will remember Finn Hudson and Cory Moteith with the most? Let me know.
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