better-call-saul-premiere-review-rating-odenkirkOk, so tonight was the big day most Breaking Bad fans have been waiting for since the finale: the premiere of Spin-Off Better Call Saul, that follows the six years prior of Saul Goodman becoming Walter White´s lawyer. In this prequel, Saul Goodman is still known as Jimmy McGill, a smallshot lawyer trying to make ends meet. Not only is Bob Odenkirk on the show as the lead, but there´s also Jonathan Banks tackling again his character as Mike Erhmantraut; and a few other notable castmembers headlined by Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin, Michael McKean as Chuck McGill, Michael Mando as Nacho Varga and many guest stars.

In the premiere, Jimmy McGill is working his magic in the courtroom. Then, unexpected inspiration leads him to an unconventional pursuit of potential clients.

First question to be asked about Better Call Saul? Do you need to have seen Breaking Bad to enjoy the show? Absolutely not, but you´ll probably understand a few wink winks from the show. Also, chances are if you like Better Call Saul, you should watch Breaking Bad because you´ll also like it. But, good thing is, it can stand alone pretty well.

The first case we see of him is an unwinnable case that he properly loses; and he gets a lousy check for it from the court as court appointed lawyer.

Then he lies his ass off to clients on the phone pretending to be his own assistant so as to show he´s a big shot. He doesn´t even want to pay three bucks for parking, and in that scene we first get to see Mike.

Saul err. Jimmy´s best quote: “Lawyers? more like health insurance. You hope you don´t need them, but man oh man not having it…”

We got to know some of Saul/Jimmy´s nemesis.

I´m so in this show for more scenes of Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn. It´s something I never thought I´d write but I think the chemistry on screen of Odekirk and Seehorn is something to watch for.

The mantra is “Do good work and clients will come”.

All in all my rating is going to be somewhere between B+ and A-. Why? It was a great premiere, but being a spinoff of Breaking Bad the bar is so damn high one can only hope the show gets better and better… because it can and we are confident we´ll have a weekly meeting with it.

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