12 Monkeys - Season 1This week´s episode of 12 Monkeys kept on delivering a good story. (I still think Dr Railly is Jones). And although the narrative is quite good on the show; it still needs to get the whole time travel thing a bit better. Especially when talking about paradoxes and stuff.

The episode of 12 Monkeys is called Atari, in which a fight for the future ensues when a dangerous band of marauders hunting for Cole and Ramse threatens the mission to save the past.
How did they managed to do it this week with the whole time travel paradox thing? They pulled the Prisoner of Azkaban move; if you watch the episode, without focusing on the characters and all, it´s the same as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:
– Cole is Hermione, where, instead of getting the Time Turner, he gets to sit in the time machine and go back just enough time.
– Ramsey is Buckbeak, or the condemned to die that gets saved by going back in time to the exact moment.
– Jones is Dumbledore, who sends Cole back just enough time.
– There is even the scene in which time traveling Cole sees past Cole from a rare angle. The only thing missing was the rock throwing.

So I guess, when you have a good show but only need to get better in the whole time travel thingie; go to a proven method… and other than Back to The Future… you can go Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.
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