fresh-off-the-boat-review-ratingOh how I wanted to like this show. Unfortunately it just wasn´t good. Does it have the chance of becoming good? Well yeah, it has some moments. Thing is, the lead kid is not a bright spot for the show as the middle brother. Grandma is underused and probably misused as is, and the show falls into each and every one of the cliches it could possibly fall into.
What´s worse? The fact that Blackish premiered this same season, drawing comparisons where unfortunately for Fresh Off the Boat, they end up losing.
So then, why the C?
It has its moments. In the second episode, the final scene in which the teacher explains the grading system is funny; when the mother gets stripped of the cliche she is good, with the potential to become a huge character on the show.
Antoher thing it´s that it follow the same flashback family with a voiceover that The Wonder Years had as a signature, and we cannot even start to compare the shows… but, it´s Ok, we are not asking them to become the best family comedy of a decade; we are just asking it to be the best of its niche; and it is set into two niches: In one, it loses to Blackish, and in the whole flashback family with voiceover it loses to The Goldbergs… but, I´m a glass half full kind of guy and I will give the show a chance, episode two was better than episode one, toned down the cliches from a gazillion to a million. So there´s still hope.
I´ll keep you guys updated on wether it settles into a nice family comedy or not.
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