big bang theory spoiler penny sheldon romance not happeningFor all those Big Bang Theory fans, who are craving for some Penny Sheldon romance, Chuck Lorre, series creator says it´s not going to happen.

So, it´s kind of a not spoiler of Big Bang Theory.

He told Michael Ausiello the following:

“Part of what’s wonderful and unique about Sheldon is he has chosen not to play in the relationship game either way — heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, any sexuality. He has said, ‘This is not for me. I’m a scientist. All I’m interested in is science and what George Lucas thinks.’ We’ve stumbled into creating a character who has chosen a lifestyle for himself that is unique. And I don’t see any reason to modify it.”

So. I guess this is quite better this way. Now it´s time for Penny and Leonard to call it quits, right? And we get the best Big Bang Theory.

What do you think?