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Guillermo Paz onto The Big Bang Theory
Guillermo Paz onto The Big Bang Theory
John Officer Shin was played by Lanny Joon (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2362335/) What I would like to know is what he (officer Shin) actually says to Sheldon regarding 'Pandora'. There are obviously a couple of words edited out before he actually says 'Pandora'. Even on the DVD (here in the UK anyway) the words are edited out.
Ruby can anybody tells me who is playing the cop (tbbt s4 e19) who was called by sheldon?
Guillermo Paz onto Quotes, The Big Bang Theory
Guillermo Paz onto Spoilers, The Big Bang Theory
boligalarmer So funny! Love this show :)
craig i tink leornard and penny should continue it was just getting good getting to be a good relationship and now they have broke it off why!!?? also would be funny to see Kothapalli to just one day talk while penny was there and not realise!!