the-big-bang-theory-spoilers-quotes-infestation-hypothesisStill on the biggest hectic week, Fall premieres week. We already covered the big sitcoms premieres in other articles such as: quotes and spoilers from How I Met Your Mother season seven premiere, and HIMYM The Naked Truth episode, and Two and a Half Men premiere with Ashton Kutcher,  Modern Family season three premiere, and now another Doubleheader, from the likes of CBS and The Big Bang Theory season five premiere, with The Skank Reflex Analysis, and now The Infestation Hypothesis in which Amy gets inadvertently caught in the middle of a fight between Sheldon and Penny. Leonard tries to add some spice to his long-distance relationship with Priya.

The Big Bang Theory season five premiere 2 Quotes and Spoilers – The Infestation Hypothesis

Leonard: Priya is calling in a few minutes via Skype and we will have a dinner date

Sheldon: Don´t you like Amy?
Leonard: Of course I like Amy
Sheldon: Well, there´s the difference

Sheldon: I miss the old times when your romantic partners could be returned to the video store

Penny: I want a divorce
Sheldon: Good. On your way to the lawyer pick some tea and cookies

Sheldon: This is a chair worthy of the name
Penny: What name?
Sheldon: Chair

Sheldon: There´s a wet band aid on the shower floor

Howard: the cyber-nasty…the virtual pickle tickle…the digital bow-chick-a-bow-wow!

Howard: You´ll lose her to some guy in a turban who grew up with Kama Sutra coloring books.

Penny: Why don´t you just admit you overreacted
Sheldon: No, thank you

Leonard: It´s like living with a Chihuahua

Sheldon: Penny, Penny, Penny
Penny: What´s up Buttercup

Sheldon: Penny, Penny, Penny
Penny: What´s the word, Hummingbird?

Sheldon: Penny, Penny, Penny
Penny: What´s the Gist, Physicist?

Leonard: You are uh a naughty girl, and uh, I wanna punish you with my love
Priya: What?
Leonard: Not good
Priya: No. Try again
Leonard: Uh, you are not naughty, you are uh dirty, you are a dirty girl
Priya: Yes, Yes I am!
Leonard: Ok, you are a dirty, disgusting, revolting girl. Puaj!
Priya: Let´s stop this
Leonard: Why don´t you give me five minutes and I´ll Google how to do this
Priya: Shhh, just be quiet and do as I tell you
Leonard: Oh, like usual

Sheldon: Name your price
Amy: Kiss me where I have never been kissed
Sheldon: You mean like Salt Lake City?

Howard: You just bit my tongue
Raj: I nibbled, I was being playful
Howard: You don´t have to make everything weird

Dr Koothrapali: Hello Leonard, if I may also say your name

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