how-i-met-your-mother-s07e02-the-naked-truth-straigh-outta-connecticut-spoilers-quotesWhat is better than watching How I Met Your Mother season seven premiere? Watching a doubleheader! And that is what CBS got us tonight, also, episode 702, called The Naked Truth, when Marshall gets the job of his dreams, he worries that, once the company discovers videos he made in the past, they may rescind the offer. Meanwhile, Ted can’t decide who to bring to the Architects Ball.
We get to see Martin Short debut as Marshall´s boss Garrison Cootes; talk about a comic legend joining HIMYM! Legen… wait for it… dary!!! And if that´s not enough, Jimmi Simpson is on How I Met Your Mother too!

Best Quotes and Spoilers from How I Met Your Mother S07E02 The Naked Truth

Marshall: Oh my God, I´m so hung over, did I really just ruin a wedding?
Ted: No, you didn´t ruin a wedding, just a reception
Robin: And a Bar Mitzvah from next door
Lily: And you ruined my dress… and your dress. You put a dress at some point

Lily: Wow, what happened to your leg?
Barney: Oh, nothing, I´m meeting Nora for coffee. She´s still mad at me so I needsome sympathy points. She likes musicals so I´m gonna tell her I fell off the stage during a performance of The Man of La Mancha. What do you think?
Ted: Lose the cast
Barney: A one man show, I like it!

Ted: Sixteen moments of pure destiny in one day. And out of those sixteen, ten were single; of those ten, seven liked what they saw; of those seven, four were women; of those four, two gave me their real number; and I have a date with both of them.

Garrison Cootes: There´s a crocodile about five feet away from me. I´m gonna ignore the hot urine filling my waiters as we speak and tell you we are interested

Ted: Define serious…
Marshall: Third base, serious is third base
Ted: So I can go to second base with both girls?
Marshall: Oh honk away my friend, honk away

Marshall: I´m Marshall Eriksen but you can call me “Beercules”

Ted: Robin, get me my legal pad, it´s pros and cons time

Barney: Honesty is good!

Peter: Beercules, bring it in

Ted (in off): Meanwhile Barney continued telling every lie he told to get laid
– There´s no time to explain how I got bit there, I just need someone to suck the poison out.
– Surgeons gave me a new face honey, ain´t you relieved I´m alive?
– Me llamo David Beckham
– If I were casting white ones the role would be yours
– Yes I´m a lesbian, this thing that I´m wearing is really lifelike

Robin: If only Architects had two balls

Ted: This pros and cons list is not cutting it, I need a color chart
Lily and Robin: Color chart, color chart!
Ted (in off): And kids, we really chanted

Nora: I have to be at work at 8 AM, so that means I only have eleven hours to be on the shower hugging myself

Nora: You are funny, handsome and really quite clever, but you´re also a sociopath
Barney: Well, I count three pros and one con

Nora: How do you think you still have a chance with me?
Barney: Because you sat here all night, because you could´ve left right away but you didn´t. Look Nora, all those lies, that´s the old me, but I swear to you, I am trying to change. You make me wanna change
Nora: How do I know that is not a lie
Barney: I´ll prove it. I will prove you how serious I am. I will not leave this diner until get a second date with you

Marshall: I am never getting drunk again!

Garrison Coots: When you are in the office try to wear some clothes, ok, Beercules? hahaha. WOw, that´s a big snake
Marshall: There´s a snake in the swamp
Garrison Coots: No, I´m talking about your penis. See you tomorrow.

Marshall: I got the job! And I think my boss already sexually harassed me. But he saw the video and he doesn´t care

Robin: Yeah, yeah, where is Lenny Kravitz?
Ted: There he is: Leonard Kravitz, world renouned architect. He´s a rockstar

Is Victoria the mother on How I Met Your Mother? Because Ashley Williams is back on HIMYM for a big arch, but Victoria is not the mother on How I Met Your Mother, just this season´s love interest.

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