how-i-met-your-mother-s07e01-the-best-man-spoilers-quotesWe´ve been waiting for so long to see the premiere of How I Met Your Mother season seven, but the dance number alone more than makes up for these three months of waiting.
The episode was soooooo funny, but If I had to nitpick one tiny thing to make it better. If we could actually find Mosby loses it at a wedding AGAIN… CLASSIC! video on Youtube.


Watch Mosby loses it at a wedding Classic Video! Classic Schmosby the Remix Video

Folks at CBS released the video here!

While Barney prepares for his wedding to a mystery bride, he and Ted reminisce about Punchy’s wedding, including when Marshall and Lily announced they were having a baby. Meanwhile, Robin considers telling Barney she has feelings for him.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from How I Met Your Mother Season Seven premiere The Best Man

Ted: It´s perfectly normal to have some pre wedding jitters
Barney Stinson: I´m not having jitters, it just occurs to me that once I put this tie on, I can never take it off. I have to wear this tie forever and ever. And sure this tie´s skinny now, but what if it gets fat and starts bossing me around? Did I make a mistake? Would I be happier with the other tie? … Ted, can I tell you a big secret?
Ted: Yeah, of course
Barney Stinson: I´m not really talking about the tie
Ted: Oh, I got it.
Barney Stinson: What if this is a disaster? What if this is the worst wedding ever?
Ted: Not possible, we´ve already been to the worst wedding ever
Barney Stinson: Punchie´s wedding
Ted: Marshall really took a two flusher on that one

Barney Stinson: Single file ladies, no fatties!
Ted: That´s ridiculous
Barney Stinson: You are right, it´s Cleveland: Single file, ladies!

Ted: I´m not going to Punchie´s wedding to brag about a magazine… cover

Robin: You don´t need to take advice from him, Ted, he didn´t even call Nora

Barney Stinson: Get ready Cleveland. The last man to screw you this hard and then disappear was LeBron James
Robin: You are trying to get laid here? God Barney, tonight is a magical night between Ted´s annoying friends and what´s her face. Have some respect!
Barney Stinson: This is not about getting laid. This is market research… Every single play I have has been meticulously tested in the field by weeding out the bad plays in smaller markets like Cleveland. I´ll know which ones will work on New York. For instance, tonight marks the inaugural flight of “The Escaped Man Slaughterer”. Are Escaped Man Slaughterer sexy?
(Everybody mumbles “I Don´t know”)
Barney Stinson: Exactly. We´ll never know unless I try it out tonight!

Barney Stinson: The Escaped Man Slaughterer was not sexy. Next stop “Agent Zero”

Lily: That´s your truth voice

Barney Stinson: Wait, wait, before you go, please answer the following survey to help me better bang you in the future. What didn´t work for you about this play?
Did you A) Not believe I was a Guinness World Record holder, or B) did the fingernails gross you out?

Barney Stinson: Shamelessly plug yourself so you can plug… let´s say… that

Marshall: The only person who loves Ted Mosby more than Marshall Eriksen is Drunk Marshall Eriksen

Barney Stinson: Let´s show Cleveland how it´s done

Barney Stinson: You of all people know how much I suck at these things. You gotta help me

Robin to Barney, and Barney repeats to Nora: The reason that I call is to tell you how I feel about you. I know we didn´t work out the first time, and I know it doesn´t make any sense but I can´t shake this feeling that we belong together. Is there any part of you that still wants to try again?

Ted: You are Ted Mosby, you start believing again

Robin: If you had chemistry you only need one other thing
Ted: What´s that?
Robin: Timing. But timing´s a bitch

Robin: Do architects make big money?
Ted: Aggresively medium money
Robin: Dammit!

Robin: Promise me two things: one, You start believing again, and two, don´t cry Schmosby

Lily: We are having a baby!

Guy on microphone: It´s the moment we all came here for: Schmosby´s toast.

Barney: I picked the right tie, didn´t I?
Ted: You nailed it. And hey, just be glad it´s not the duckie tie.

Lily: Ted, the bride wants to see you… oh Barney, really? Are you going with that tie?

I want to know what´s the story about the ducky tie on How I Met Your Mother!!!!

Seeing how the bride wants to see Ted, it hints that Barney marries Robin instead of Nora, but that´s just a hypothesis.

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