how-i-met-your-mother-s07e03-ducky-tie-spoilers-quotesWell, the seventh season is now full throttle, and after we already talked about  How I Met Your Mother season seven premiere and also about How I Met Your Mother the Naked Truth episode, we are already in episode three, called Ducky Tie, in which after Ted runs into an old girlfriend, he tries to make amends with her since he cheated during their relationship. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily make a bet with Barney that could force him to wear Marshall’s ducky tie.

Spoiler Alert: Victoria and Ted kissed, they kissed!!!


Best Quotes and Spoilers from How I Met Your Mother S07E03 Ducky Tie

Barney Stinson: A tie with ducks? dude, why do you do this, when you know I must slam you for this?

Ted: Guess who I ran into? A girl from my past. Any guesses?
Lily: Stella?
Barney: Zoe?
Marshall: Karen?
Lily: The girl who beat you up?
Barney: The girl who ruined the photo with Slash?
Marshall: The girl who made you get the butterfly tattoo?
Ted: Well you make it sound like a dated a series of Stieg Larsson novels

Lily: I got my pregnancy boobs. I´m at the sweet spot when the chestal area knows I´m pregnant, but hasn´t told the downstair neighbors
Barney: What are you waiting for Lil? Must them out, make them dance
Lily: No
Barney: Let your boobies show

Marshall: Can we stop talking about my wife´s breasts

Lily: Why on earth would I want to see that?
Barney: They are round and are attached to my body. It´s an even trade

Victoria: If you hang out every day, now that would be…
Ted: We do hang out every day
Victoria: Still not be weird. i don´t know anybody who hangs out with the ex every day
Ted: Well, Barney does
Victoria: Really? Who´s Barney´s ex girlfriend?
Ted: Robin
Victoria: Your Robin?
Ted: Mine and Barney´s, yes
Victoria: You don´t all of you three hang out together
Ted: All the time
Victoria: And we have weird

Ted: Victoria, do you believe in fate?
Victoria: Well, I believe you are about to do a big speech on faith
Ted: Well, I do

Barney: I want to touch Lily´s boobs
Marshall: Deal

Lily Aldrin and Barney Stinson´s negotiation for boob touching and the ducky tie bet

Lily: I will let you touch one boob
Barney: Both boobs
Lily: Just one
Barney: Touch and squeeze
Lily: Just touch
Barney: Touch and motorboat
Lily: Just touch
Barney: Honka honka
Lily: Barney
Barney: Just touch… for one hour
Lily: for one second
Barney: Twenty minutes both boobs
Lily: Thirty seconds one boob
Barney: Four minutes, both boobs three squeezes
Lily: One minute, both boobs, one squeeze
Barney: Deal
Lily: But if you can´t do everything, and I mean everything you need to wear Marshall´s ducky tie for one year

Lily: It´s a hussle, we are getting hussled. Oh, this stinks, this stinks like holy hell. He´s gonna win the bet

Ted: I came here to wash the dishes and that´s all

Marshall: You brilliant bastard, how dare you

Victoria: Congratulations, your karma slate is clean, and lemony fresh

Victoria: I let you come wash my dishes, I said my oven needs cleaning. I invited you into a porno

And Barney finally sees Lily´s boobs on How I Met Your Mother! It takes him a year of wearing the Ducky tie, but probably worth it for him.

What does Ted mean that Robin, Ted and Barney didn´t work out? Are Robin and Ted breaking up? Are Ted and Barney breaking up? Are Barney and Robin breaking up? Theories?

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