barney-married-robin-nora-himym-spoilerWell, Season six of How I Met Your Mother ended tonight with a huge cliffhanger.

Ladies´man Barney Stinson is getting married. And as I predicted on a previous article, this was Barney getting married and not Punchie. It´s just that the writers needed Punchie to create a distraction.

Now, we know the groom is Barney, we don´t know who the bride is, or do we?

Well, let´s see some possibilities about who Barney Stinson is getting married to?

Who is Barney Stinson getting married to in How I Met Your Mother Breakdown

Option 1:

Barney and Robin are getting married

As I previously said, the wedding between Robin and Barney is the idea from where the writers are working on, to see how they would fit together. And now, the story for next season, since the show has been renewed for two more seasons is not who the mother is, but how did Barney get together to Robin and marries her.

I´d say the odds of Barney getting married to Robin are 73%.

Option 2:

Barney getting married to Nora

The reappearance of Nora and the challenge accepted things hints us that next season of How I Met Your Mother will include some pursuit of Nora by Barney, and probably a major story arc (I´m predicting four or five episodes even).

But that will only crack up some more of Robin faces like in the final moments of this season after Barney says “Challenge Accepted”. Now that´s a face of “I want to be with him”.

I´d say the odds of Barney getting married to Nora are 25%.

Option 3:

Barney getting married to someone we don´t know

Introducing an all new character and already with the idea of marrying him to Barney? It would take probably more than a season, and unless the writers are sure the show will go on after season 8, there´s got to be enough time to get back to Ted and the identity of the mother.

You can´t trump the arguments for Robin or Nora with a random chick we haven´t met. Or do we? Now it´s time to add Quinn to the mix. Is Quinn getting married to Barney on How I Met Your Mother? After all, they already moved in together, and the show has Becki Newton, who is a star; so why let her go and not seal the deal with her? Well, she is scheduled to appear in 8 episodes. So that means she should only be a guest star for this arc. Although that does not mean she may come back and become a regular. Adding Becki Newton to the cast could be important, although I´m not sure about the budget in terms of costs if it´s a fit for the long run or not.

Barney marrying Quinn odds are 30%.

I´d say the odds of Barney getting married to someone we don´t know yet are 1%. (maybe he pulls a Gregory House and marries some random girl for Immigration issues). Who knows?

Option 4:

Barney getting married to someone we already know from his past

There has been no meaningful relationships on Barney´s past other than Robin, Nora and the girl who dumped him when he was all hippie and innocent.

The others were not only meaningless, but we also cannot remember them because they were not important.

The ones we remember are:

Wendy the waitress: We already saw her with her future husband.

Stacy Keibler Bartender: We remember her because of who she is, not for the character per se.

I´d say the odds of Barney getting married to someone we already know he dated are 1%.

So, who do you think Barney gets married to? Does Barney get married to Robin? Does Barney get married to Nora?

Let´s start the bets in the comments section.

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Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe, CBS.