the-big-bang-theory-season-five-premiere-quotes-spoilers-skank-reflex-analysisIt´s a hectic week, but we knew that before… now it´s time to work. We already covered the big sitcoms premieres in other articles such as: quotes and spoilers from How I Met Your Mother season seven premiere, and HIMYM The Naked Truth episode, and Two and a Half Men premiere with Ashton Kutcher,  Modern Family season three premiere, and now another Doubleheader, from the likes of CBS and The Big Bang Theory season five premiere.

In an episode called The Skank Reflex Analysis, in which the gang deals with the fallout from Penny and Raj’s night together. Amy counsels Penny when she considers moving back to Nebraska due to her failing acting career. Sheldon takes charge of the paintball team.

The Big Bang Theory season five premiere Quotes and Spoilers – The Skank Reflex Analysis

Sheldon: Penny´s brain teaser this morning.
She and Koothrapali emerged from your bedroom, she is disheveled, and Raj is only dressed in a sheet. The sole clue: “It´s not what it looks like”.

Leonard: Let it go Sheldon.
Sheldon: If I could I would, but I can´t so I shan´t

Sheldon: Let´s put on our thinking cap, shall we?

Sheldon: Penny could have been inspecting Raj´s anal region for parasites. Oh boy, that´s a true good friend
Leonard: They slept together, Sherlock

Sheldon: Leonard, Is it awkward for you that one of your dear friends had sex with the woman you used to love in the very same place you lay your head?
Leonard: No, I´m fine with it
Sheldon: That sounds like sarcasm, but I´ll disregard it because I have an agenda: Paintball!

Raj: Penny and I are in love
Leonard and Howard: What?

Sheldon: I´ll be a Captain. If it´s good enough for Kirk, Crunch and Kangaroo, it´s good enough for me

Raj: The God Kama Deva has shot us with his flowery arrows of love.
Howard: Who?
Raj: He is the Hindu version of Cupid, but way better because he rides a giant parrot

Sheldon: For the record, I have genitalia. They are functional and esthetically pleasing

Penny: Wine glasses should have handles

Amy: Keeping accurate track of your alcohol in-take. Smart idea, considering how trampy you get when you´ve had a few
Penny: You heard what I did?
Amy: Well, I heard who you did

Penny: I feel like two different people: Dr Jeckyll and Mrs Whore

Amy: She engaged in interspecies hanky panky and people still call her great. I´m sure your reputation can survive you shagging a little indian boy

Raj: You were nice to me, I thought you maybe liked me
Bernardette: I´M NICE TO EVERYONE!

Raj: Do you think I have a shot with Penny?

Beverly Hofstadter: Buck up, SissyPants

Beverly Hofstadter: If you need any more help from me, my books are available on

Amy: I could so see you being the face of hemorroids
Penny: I know!

Raj: You can´t ruin friendship with sex. That´s like trying to ruin ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.

Raj: As your friend, you might like to know that we didn´t have sex in the conventional sense
Penny: Oh God, did you pull some weird indian crap on me?

Penny: So we didn´t actually
Raj: I did, it was beautiful

Howard: Maybe he was writing a clumsy penis metaphor about my fiancee
Raj: Screw you. That was a beautiful written penis metaphor

Sheldon: Geology isn´t a real science

Sheldon: If there´s ever a Church of Sheldon. It´s the time to start it

Penny: Hey, watcha doin´ Quickdraw?

Penny: It´s time for me to move back to Nebraska

And the Penny´s hemorroid´s commercial video was epic! Probably on YouTube soon.

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