• greys-anatomy-season-five-cast_455x348Maybe things aren´t quite good between Christina and Meredith…
  • Perhaps Sloan and Callie Torres are struggling with their infatuation for the interns.
  • Maybe Chief is worried about being the 12th hospital.
  • Maybe Dr Arizona will have a hard time adjusting.
  • Maybe Dr Miranda Bailey isn´t over her divorce.
  • Maybe Lexie is getting hotter by the minute and George keeps unnoticing her.
  • Maybe O´Malley lost a bit of screen time.
  • Maybe Denny Duqette´s comeback is pushing it a little too much.
  • Maybe Alex Karev turning to a good boy is less believable than Denny´s Comeback.
  • Maybe Izzy´s headed to the coockoo´s nest.

It doesn´t matter… It´s party time at Grey´s Anatomy since today both Patyrick Dempsey and Shonda Rhimes are celebrating their birthdays.