Bordertown is the new animated series for Sundays on Fox. January will have a lot of new shows, and that includes some comedies; though I have to say that so far I am much more excited about the new dramas and SciFi shows than these comedies.
Bordertown in a satirical look at the cultural shifts taking place in America, the animated series explores family, politics and everything in between. The comedy centers on two very different families, the Buckwalds and the Gonzalezes living in a fictional Southwest desert town on the U.S. – Mexico border. Bud Buckwald, a married father of three and a Border Patrol agent, is just a tad behind the times and feels slightly threatened by the cultural changes transforming his neighborhood. He lives next door to Ernest Gonzalez, an ambitious family man, who has been in the country less than 10 years, but is already doing better than Bud which, it turns out, is a bit of an issue for Bud.bordertown-pilot-review

Mexifornia is the fictional town in which the actions takes place, an with all the chances that this subject gives, the show only goes to explore the political incorrectness without being funny. I really don´t think you have to choose either or, you can be politically incorrect and funny, all in the same show. This one, at least on the pilot fails to do so. I remember what American Dad pilot was and it was way better than this one. The show comes from good animated shows pedigree, created and ran by the same folks as American Dad, Family Guy and some folks from Futurama and The Simpsons, and it has Hank Azaria, Nicholas Gonzalez, Alex Bornstein and Judah Friedlander voicing the characters, so there is hope. I will give this show three more episodes to see if I start looking at it as funny, but I am not the most confident about it. I had higher expectations from this one before watching the premiere.

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