The Magicians is a big bet from Syfy for the new year. Many have dubbed it the Harry Potter for grownups, as is adapted from Lev Grossman’s New York Times best-selling fantasy trilogy, THE MAGICIANS centers on Quentin Coldwater, a brilliant grad student chosen to attend Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, a secret upstate New York university specializing in magic. He and his 20-something friends soon discover that the magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real – and poses grave danger to humanity.

The Magicians - Season 1 Review

THE MAGICIANS — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Stella Maeve as Julia, Summer Bishil as Margo, Hale Appleman as Eliot, Jason Ralph as Quentin, Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice, Arjun Gupta as Penny — (Photo by: Lorenzo Agius/Syfy)

The series stars Jason Ralph (Aquarius) as Quentin Coldwater, Stella Maeve (Chicago PD) as Julia, Olivia Taylor Dudley (The Vatican Tapes) as Alice, Hale Appleman (Teeth) as Eliot, Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie) as Penny and Summer Bishil (Lucky 7) as Margo.

The show will premiere Monday January 25th 9/8c with a special two episode airing.

Trailer for Syfy´s The Magicians

So let´s talk about the premiere episode of The Magicians on Syfy as a spoiler free review

The first thing we notice is that every magician looks like he or she needs a proper accent. And also, there is always a chosen one. But this one is in New York and is not a boy anymore.

I guess when you have magical powers and you haven´t gone to Hogwarts or any other magical school you end up in the looney bin or at the very least with some issues.

There is a lot of back and forth in the flashbacks, and we see elements from Narnia, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and many more, but it is actually well put and fits the story.

Fillory is the place of magic, and it is all told in a book called Fillory and Further but we have still to learn about it. What we learn is about Quentin and his friend Julia.

Quentin and Julia go to do an interview but they end up finding the clock that goes to Fillory and a dead body. And all of that even before the opening credits.

We get to learn that Quentin is maybe in too deep into the magic world and that he was brought there by his childhood friend Julia who is now working with him and trying to move through Brakebills University the Magical Pedagogy University, aka Hogwarts for adults.

All in all, the show is a good adaptation so far from the books, and is also a good addition to our TV screens. I would not say it is must watch TV yet, but it is definitely earning a spot on my watchlist.

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