Somehow this show passed by me and only now am I having time to try and catch up. Supernatural Thriller and Mena Suvari on the same sentence and I missed it? How could I!
WeTV brought us this eight episodes first season of South of Hell as a big bet, with things set up in South Carolina, where Mena Suvari plays Maria Abascal, a demon hunter for hire, who is on her own fighting an inner demon, Abigail; and even though Maria tries to fight her, they are one and the same, and Abigail will go as far as it is possible to remain within her.


This is clearly a vehicle for Suvari to shine as she is the only headliner on the show, while the rest of the cast, even solid as they may be are not as recognizable as her.

In the first episode, the premiere called Demons are Forever Maria and David Abascal are approached by a priest offering help to exorcise Maria’s demon, Abigail, and to stop their father, Enos Abascal.

South of Hell Trailer Video

The show has good visuals and some interesting plot twists and turns. And whenever there is an evil kid I get immediately creeped out, and the show did it right before the opening credits, so kudos.

“Like People, there are some places that can´t be saved” is the introduction for the show and a good line to set the tone for what is to come. The battle between good and evil, the battle within, the battle in the field…

All in all a good show that is good for binge watching. And now we only need Tara Reid to start fighting demons for the American Pie girls hat trick.

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