Every year a lot of stars that entertained us with their music are lost forever as they move on to the other side, leaving behind all the fans who loved them and the music as their legacy. In this Musical In Memoriam 2015 we try to honor them as best we can, by listening to their songs.
2015 was particularily hard as some of our favorites have gone, and in this Spotify list we selected 160 songs to remember them; one for each of the stars that were gone this year.

scott weiland musical in memoriam 2015

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland left us in 2015.

Some were really showstoppers and seeing them go was heartbreaking, but some others were just as talented and we may have not noticed… Mike Porcaro, Percy Sledge, Sid Tapper, Rutger Gunnarson, Ben E. King, B.B. King, Chris Squire, Joan Sebastian, Daniel Rabinovich, Gary Richrath, Guy Béart, Andy White, Scott Weiland, Lemmy Kilmister or Natalie Cole are those names recognizable everywhere… but there were 160 big losses for music, and here´s a way we found to honor them.

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – Those we lost in music

10 hours and 3 minutes with 160 songs of those music stars we lost in 2015. As we raise our glasses, we sing along…

Here is the complete list of songs and artists on the Musical In Memoriam 2015. If who we are honoring was a songwriter, composer or musician, we are adding a song by a band or singer performing it. The format is: Number of song in the list, date of passing, name of the artist passing, what he/she did, the song in the list (added by someone if they are not the ones singing or performing it, or if they were members of a band).

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – January Artists and Songs

danny mcculoch the animals musical in memoriam 2015

Danny Mc Culloch, bassist on The Animals, passed away January 2015

1- 01/01/2015 Jeff Golub, Guitarr Player. One More Excuse to play the Blues.
2- 02/01/2015. Little Jimmy Dickens, Singer. Country Boy.
3- 04/01/2015. Lance Diamond. Singer. My Lady.
4- 04/01/2015. Sharon La Hechicera. Colombian Singer. Corazón Valiente.
5- 06/01/2015. Ron McMullen. Drummer. Shotgun by The Pyramids.
6- 08/01/2015. Andrae Crouch. Singer. Take me Back.
7- 08/01/2015. Patsy Garrett. Singer and Actress. Begin the Beguine: Jubilee.
8- 08/01/2015. Curtis Lee. Singer. Pretty Little Angel Eyes.
9- 10/01/2015. George Probert. Clarinet player. I would do ´most anything for you.
10- 10/01/2015. Tim Drummond. Bajista. I Want to lay down beside you. by Tracy Nelson.
11- 12/01/2015. A.J. Masters. Guitar Player and Singer. I´m Only Human.
12- 13/01/2015. Ronnie Ronalde. Singer. If I Were a Blackbird.
13- 13/01/2015. Lincoln Olivetti. Pianist. Aleluia by Robson Jorge e Lincoln Olivetti.
14- 15/01/2015. Ervin Drake. Composer. Tico Tico by Ray Conniff and his Orchestra.
15- 16/01/2015. Bella Yao (AKA Yao Beina). Singer. Let it Go Mandarine Chinese Version.
16- 17/01/2015. Origa. Singer. Polyushko-pole.
17- 18/01/2015. Cynthia Lane. Cantante. Beautiful Soul.
18- 18/01/2015. Dallas Taylor. Drummer. Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
19- 19/01/2015. Oscar Hayes. Singer. Traveling by Abundant Life Fellowship.
20- 19/01/2015. Calito Soul. Singer. One Love One Blood.
21- 20/01/2015. Canserbero. Rapper. Yo no le Paro.
22- 20/01/2015. Rose Marie McCoy. Songwriter. Letter from My Darling by Little Willie John.
23- 26/01/2015. Neil Levang. Guitar Player. Sweet Leilani by Lawrence Welk.
24- 26/01/2015. Ramonet. Guitar Player and Singer. Caballero Soy.
25- 27/01/2015. Carmen Morell. Singer and Actress. Me Debes un Beso.
26- 29/01/2015. Maurizio Arcieri. Singer. Lola by Krisma.
27- 29/01/2015. Danny McCulloch. Bass Player. The House of the Rising Star by The Animals.
28- 29/01/2015. Israel Yinon. Orchestra Conductor. Overture in G Minor. Sonderjylland Symphony Orchestra.
29- 30/01/2015. Héctor Enrique Carrión Samaniego. Guitar Player and Singer. Lágrimas de Cristal by Los Hermanos Carrión.

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – February Artists and Songs

Leslie gore musical in memoriam 2015

Leslie Gore passed away February 2015

30- 02/02/2015. The Jacka. Rapper. What We´ve Become.
31- 02/02/2015. Zane Musa. Sax Player. Wise One.
32- 03/02/2015. William Thomas McKinley. Composer and Pianist. Mostly Mozart: Allegretto.
33- 04/02/2015. Celina González. Singer. Lágrimas Negras.
34- 06/02/2015. Marisa Del Frate. Singer. Ich Liebe Dich.
35- 07/02/2015. Joe Mauldin. Bassist. Maybe Baby by The Crickets.
36- 07/02/2015. Juan Antonio Morcillo “El Bellaco”. Bassist and Songwriter. La Estrella by Los Auténticos.
37- 08/02/2015. Helena Arizmendi. Soprano. Turandot: Acto Tercero: Tu Che Di Gel Sei Cinta.
38- 12/02/2015. Sam Andrew. Guitar player, Singer and Songwriter. Piece of My Heart by Big Brother & The
Holding Company.
39- 12/02/2015. Richie Pratt. Drummer. Olathe.
40- 12/02/2015. Steve Strange. Singer. The Best is yet to come.
41- 14/02/2015. Keith Copeland. Drummer. I Remember You by Martin Wind, Bill Mays y Keith
42- 14/02/2015. Hulon Crayton. Sax Player. After Hours.
43- 15/02/2015. Sergio Blanco. Singer. Moliendo Café. by Sergio y Estibaliz.
44- 16/02/2015. Gavin Clark. Singer Songwriter. The Years Have Loved Us.
45- 16/02/2015. Leslie Gore. Singer. It´s My Party.
46- 16/02/2015. Lorena Rojas. Singer and actress. Pasos de Gigante.
47- 18/02/2015. Dave Cloud. Singer. Just Like You by Dave Cluod & The Gospel of Power.
48- 21/02/2015. Clark Terry. Trumpetist. Mumbles by Oscar Peterson Trio + One.
49- 22/02/2015. Chris Rainbow. Singer. Give Me What I Cry For.
50- 24/02/2015. Robert Belfour. Singer. Push My Luck.
51- 25/02/2015. Ariel Camacho. Singer and Guitar player. Cada Diciembre by Los Plebes del Rancho.
52- 25/02/2015. Giacomo Rondinella. Singer. Malafemmina.
53- 28/02/2015. Charmayne Maxwell. Singer. If You Love Me by Brownstone.

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – March Artists and Songs

mike porcaro musical in memoriam 2015

Mike Porcaro, bassist of Toto passed away in March 2015. (Pictured in the back)


54- 08/03/2015. Lew Soloff. Trumpetist. My Funny Valentine.
55- 09/03/2015. Wayne Kemp. Songwriter. One Piece at a Time by Johnny Cash.
56- 10/03/2015. Olga Gutiérrez. Singer. Ojos Negros.
57- 15/03/2015. Mike Porcaro. Bassist. Hold The Line by Toto.
58- 16/03/2015. Andy Fraser. Bassist. Songs of Yesterday by Free.
59- 20/03/2015. A.J. Pero. Drummer. I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister.
60- 21/03/2015. Jackie Trent. Singer. Table for One.
61- 23/03/2015. Lil´Chris. Rapper. Is There Anybody Out There?
62- 24/03/2015. Scott Clendenin. Bassist. Pull the plug by Death.
63- 27/03/2015. B.J. Crosby. Singer. Thinkin´About You.
64- 30/03/2015. Aniceto Molina. Singer. El Peluquero.
65- 31/03/2015. Billy Butler. Singer. Lullabyes in Rhythm.


Musical In Memoriam 2015 – April Artists and Songs

Rutger Gunnarson musical in memoriam 2015

ABBA bassist and songwriter Rutger Gunnarson passed away in April 2015.

66- 01/04/2015. Dave Ball. Guitar Player. A Whiter Shale of Pale by Procol Harum.
67- 03/04/2015. Bob Burns. Drummer. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
68- 05/04/2015. Juan Carlos Cáceres. Pianist. Tango Negro.
69- 06/04/2015. Ray Charles Robinson. Songwriter. Misty.
70- 10/04/2015. Keith McCormack. Guitarr Player. Sister Little Shoes.
71- 12/04/2015. Eleazar González. Songwriter. Dale el Biberón by Junior Klan.
72- 14/04/2015. Percy Sledge. Singer. When A Man Loves a Woman.
73- 16/04/2015. Johnny Kemp. Singer. Just Got Paid.
74- 19/04/2015. Osvaldo Ribó. Singer. Papel Picado.
75- 24/04/2015. Frankie Lee. Singer. I Wish I Had a Dime.
76- 24/04/2015. Sid Tepper. Songwriter. Red Roses for a Blue Lady by Vic Dana.
77- 27/04/2015. Fernando Arias Cabello. Singer. Recuerdos de una Noche by Los Pasteles Verdes.
78- 28/04/2015. Jack Ely. Guitar Player and Singer. Louie Louie by The Kingsmen.
79- 30/04/2015. Rutger Gunnarson. Bassist. Super Trouper. ABBA.
80- 30/04/2015. Ben E King. Singer. Stand By Me.

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – May Artists and Songs

bb king musical in memoriam 2015

The King of Blues, B.B. King passed away on May 2015.


81- 05/05/2015. Craig Gruber. Bassist. Since You Been Gone by Rainbow.
82- 12/05/2015. Bobby Jameson. Singer. Vietnam.
83- 14/05/2015. B.B. King. Guitar Player, Singer and Legend. The Thrill is Gone.
84- 17/05/2015. Chinx. Rapper. Feelings.
85- 17/05/2015. Tranquility Bass. DJ House Music. Cantamilla.
86- 18/05/2015. Elbert West. Songwriter. Sticks and Stones by Tracy Lawrence.
87- 20/05/2015. Bob Belden. Sax player. Kiss by Bob Belden Project.
88- 21/05/2015. Louis Johnson. Bassist. Stomp! by The Brothers Johnson.
89- 21/05/2015. Twinkle. Singer. Terry.


Musical In Memoriam 2015 – June Artists and Songs

chris squire musical in memoriam 2015

Chris Squire, Guitar Player on Yes, passed away June, 2015.

90- 02/06/2015. Anthony Riley. Singer. High Road.
91- 06/06/2015. Ronnie Gilbert. Singer. Goodnight Irene ft Holly Near.
92- 09/06/2015. Pumpkinhead. Rapper. Code Red.
93- 11/06/2015. Jim Ed Brown. Singer. Scarlett Ribbons for her hair by The Browns.
94- 13/06/2015. Big Time Sarah. Singer. A Million of You.
95- 13/06/2015. MC Supreme. Rapper. We´re All in the same gang by King Tee.
96- 14/06/2015. Hugo Blanco. Songwriter and Singer. El Burrito Sabanero.
97- 19/06/2015. Harold Battiste. Songwriter. Malibu.
98- 22/06/2015. James Horner. Composer. Hymn to Sea. Titanic Soundtrack.
99- 24/06/2015. Cristiano Araújo. Singer. Caso Indefinido.
100- 27/06/2015. Chris Squire. Guitar Player and Composer. Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes.
101- 29/06/2015. Bruce Rowland. Drummer. With a Little Help from my friends by Joe Cocker.

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – July Artists and Songs

joan sebastian musical in memoriam 2015

Joan Sebastian passed away in July 2015.

102- 02/07/2015. Roy Bennett. Songwriter. Glad All Over by Carl Perkins.
103- 06/07/2015. Julio Angel. Singer. Gozando y Cantando.
104- 06/07/2015. Camille Bob. Singer I Got Loaded by Lil´Bob & The Lollipops.
105- 07/07/2015. Jaime Morey. Singer Amanece.
106- 10/07/2015. Hussein Fatal. Rapper. Blocka Blocka.
107- 13/07/2015. Joan Sebastian. Singer. 25 Rosas.
108- 19/07/2015. Van Alexander. Composer and Conductor. Blue Skies by Van Alexander And
His Orchestra.
109- 20/07/2015. Wayne Carson. Songwriter. Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley.
110- 20/07/2015. Dieter Moebius. Songwriter and DJ. Kommt.
111- 21/07/2015. Justin Lowe. Guitarr Player. A Wolf Amongst Ravens by After the Burial.
112- 22/07/2015. Eddie Hardin. Pianist and singer. Gimme Some Lovin´ byThe Spencer Davis Group.
113- 22/07/2015. Daron Norwood. Singer. Cowboys Don´t Cry.
114- 23/07/2015. Adriano Rodríguez. Singer. Sarandonga.
115- 26/07/2015. Bobbi Kristina Brown. Singer. Little Drummer Boy.
116- 30/07/2015. Lynn Anderson. Singer. Rose Garden.
117- 31/07/2015. Red Dragon. Singer and DJ. Duck Dance.

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – August Artists and Songs

daniel rabinovich musical in memoriam 2015

Argentinian Musical Comedy Legend Daniel Rabinovich passed away August 2015.


118- 01/08/2015. Cilla Black. Singer. Alfie.
119- 02/08/2015. Stephen Huss. Synthetizer player. Eating Violins by Psyche.
120- 02/08/2015. Juan Carlos Aranda. Singer. Provocando Mi Piropo by Los Bucaneros.
121- 06/08/2015. Roberto “Caracol” Paviotti. Singer. Poema del Olvido y los Amantes.
122- 08/08/2015. Sean Price. Rapper. Onion Head.
123- 10/08/2015. David Shelley. Singer and Guitar Player. Trick Bag by Bluestone.
124- 21/08/2015. Daniel Rabinovich. Comedian and Musician. Lazy Daisy by Les Luthiers.

Musical In Memoriam 2015 – Septmber Artists and Songs

gary richrath musical in memoriam 2015

Gary Richrath, guitar legend from REO Speedwagon passed away in September 2015.



125- 02/09/2015. Brianna Lea Pruett. Singer. Shine For You.
126- 07/09/2015. Guillermo Rubalcaba. Pianist. El Manisero.
127- 08/09/2015. Smokey Wilson. Guitarr Player. Standing at the Crossroads.
128- 13/09/2015. Gary Richrath. Songwriter y Guitar Player. Can´t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon.
129- 16/09/2015. Peggy Jones. Singer and Guitar Player. So Please You, Sir, We Much Regret.
130- 16/09/2015. Guy Beart. Singer. Serenade a madame.
131- 16/09/2015. Armando Martínez. Singer. Cuando Cuelgue mis Espuelas.


Musical In Memoriam 2015 – October Artists and Songs

cory wells musical in memoriam 2015

Cory Well, Guitar Player from Three Dog Night, passwed away October 2015.



132- 08/10/2015. Jim Diamond. Singer. I Should Have Known Better.
133- 09/10/2015. Koopsta Knicca. Rapper. Bully.
134- 18/10/2015. Frank Watkins. Bassist. Prayer by Gorgoroth.
135- 20/10/2015. Cory Wells. Singer and Guitar Player. An Old Fashioned Love Song by Three Dog Night.
136- 26/10/2015. David Rodriguez. Singer. Canción para Tí.


Musical In Memoriam 2015 – November Artists and Songs

phil-taylor-lemmy kilmister musical in memoriam 2015

In a 2015 to forget, both Lead singer Lemmy Kilmister and Drummer Phil Taylor of Motörhead passed away.


137- 02/11/2015. Tommy Overstreet. Singer. Heaven is my Woman´s Love.
138- 02/11/2015. Raul Rekow. Percussionist. Smooth by Santana ft Rob Thomas.
139- 03/11/2015. José Luis Properzi. Singer and Guitar Player. Cómo Estamos Hoy by Los Súper Ratones.
140- 07/11/2015. Eddie Hoh. Drummer. California Dreamin´ by The Mamas & The Papas.
141- 09/11/2015. Andy White. Drummer. Love Me Do by The Beatles.
142- 10/11/2015. Allen Toussaint. Singer Songwriter. Southern Nights.
143- 11/11/2015. Phil Taylor. Drummer. The One To Sing the Blues by Motörhead.


Musical In Memoriam 2015 – December Artists and Songs

natalie cole musical in memoriam 2015

R&B legend Natalie Cole passed away December 2015.

144- 01/12/2015. Jesús Arias. Musician. Perro Rabioso by T.N.T.
145- 02/12/2015. Leonardo “Leoni” Franco. Guitar Player and Singer. Puerto Montt by Los Iracundos.
146- 03/12/2015. Gladstone Anderson. Pianist. Harvest Uptown by Soul Syndicate.
147- 03/12/2015. Scott Weiland. Singer. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots.
148- 04/12/2015. Chris Carney. Musician. With a Kiss by Jason Truby.
149- 06/12/2015. Marque Lynch. Singer. Mouskedance by The Mousketeers.
150- 08/12/2015. Bonnie Lou. Singer. Seven Lonely Days.
151- 08/12/2015. Gary “Magic” Marker, Bassist. Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band.
152- 09/12/2015. Alberto Podestá. Singer. Nada.
153- 17/12/2015. Mick Lynch. Singer. Charlton Heston by Stump.
154- 19/12/2015. Selma Reis. Singer. Feliz.
155- 19/12/2015. Peter Broggs. Singer. Forward Rastaman.
156- 24/12/2015. William Franklin Guest. Singer. I´ve got to use my imagination by Gladys Knight & The
157- 25/12/2015. Manuel Agujetas. Singer. Bulerías.
158- 25/12/2015. Geraldo Roca. Songwriter. Trem do Pantanal by Sérgio Reis.
159- 27/12/2015. Stevie Wright. Singer. Friday on My Mind by The Easybeats.
160- 27/12/2015. Cruz Lizárraga Jr. Musician. Seis Pies Abajo by Banda El Recodo.
161- 27/12/2015. Syko El Terror. Rapper. Difícil de Entender.
162- 28/12/2015. Lemmy Kilmister. Singer and Bassist. 1916 by Motörhead.
163- 29/12/2015. John Bradbury. Drummer. A Message to you Rudy by The Specials.
164- 30/12/2015. Juan Montalvo. Singer. La Copa Rota.
165- 31/12/2015. Natalie Cole. Singer. Unforgettable ft Nat King Cole.

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