bradley-cooper-inside-actor-studio-james-liptonOk, everyone would want to interview Face and ask him how to do it. At least that was my idea in the eighties, when The A Team was on, and Face was as cool as Sonny Crocket.

Well, James Lipton has that chance now to interview Bradley Cooper, who plays Face in the new installments of The A Team.

On the Monday, March 14th edition of Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio” (airing 7pm ET/PT), host James Lipton sits down for a chat with former student Bradley Cooper in the series’ first interview with a graduate from the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University on the legendary stage. During this long anticipated and incredibly emotional interview, Cooper reflects back on the beginning of his career with his very first acting role, to the transformation into the “brand new Bradley” in Wedding Crashers, to starring in his most recent thriller, Limitless, alongside idol Robert De Niro.  Lipton also delves into some of their fond memories of Cooper’s time in school, including the reason for his absence at graduation. As Bradley remembers, “I was having sex with Michael Ian Black in a sports shed.”

Best Quotes from Bradley Cooper on Inside the Actor´s Studio with James Lipton

JL:  Tonight is an opportunity to fill in some blanks at long last. Ten years ago as Dean, I was handing out diplomas and I noticed you were missing from your graduation ceremony. Where were you?
BC: I was having sex with Michael Ian Black in a sports shed in Wet Hot American Summer.
JL: Hasn’t your gay sex scene become kind of an internet favorite?
BC: At my household, yes.

JL: In the Elephant Man at our school, on “Alias” and television, Bradley was what the audience thinks of as a dramatic actor. Then, along came a movie called Wedding Crashers. And a “brand new” Bradley Cooper was born. Or was it a brand new Bradley?
BC: That’s the crazy thing about this business. On “Alias,” I played the nicest guy in the world and then I would try to audition for movies after that and the feedback was like “Wow, Bradley’s such a nice guy,” “Yeah, I don’t really see him in that part,” and after Wedding Crashers, “Bradley? Yeah, he’s an asshole.”
JL: I would like to ask you about some of that cast. Vince Vaughn?
BC: Oh man. He is a force of nature, that guy. He taught me so much. Talk about a guy who gives it all and then he would just be so free to fail. Then you had Owen who was just the perfect counterpart to him. He is, in my mind, incapable of anything inauthentic. I got to watch Christopher Walken do his work in it, which is great.

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